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My Car is "on the board" - What's That Mean?

When a car transport company tells you that your car is already on the board, it means that another auto shipper has listed your vehicle for pick up. Nearly all auto transporters are brokers. Carriers want it this way, as they rather have no invlolvment in the sales process. It's easier for them to pick vehicles that they want from the online load boards, such as Central Dispatch.

Why am I on The Board?

You most likely booked with another company. If you didn't, your vehicle has been posted without your permission. Many customers don't realize that regardless of what car shipping company that you use, we all use the same resources to source carriers for your vehicle.

No, I DID NOT Book with Anyone - What do I do?

Ask the auto transporter you are talking to for the name and phone number of the company that has you listed without permission. At this point, you may recognize the company and realize that all you did was get a quote. Call them and have them take you off. If they do not, what we can do is report them. It is a violation to list a vehicle without your recorded verbal or written permission.

Yes, I Did Book with Another Auto Transport Company - But They are Taking Too Long

If you are on the board with another auto transport company and they are taking too long, it's likely that the price is too low or the vehicle is in a very remote spot. There are times you are just dealing with a terrible broker and need to cancel with a bad shipping company as they are not doing the job. Call us at 800-284-7177 to discuss it, and we'll analyze what's going on. It is inadvisable to double book. Carriers may shy away from listings from multiple brokers as they are worried that another carrier may pick up the duplicate listing.