Do I Need to Retain a Copy of the BOL ?(Inspection Report)

Absolutely 100% yes you do. At least until the transport is completed.

Remember, the inspection report or bill of lading is for your benefit not that of the carrier.  It is always wise to retain a copy of the inspection report at pick up and hold onto it in a safe place until the vehicle arrives at the delivery location.

If the carrier is using a phone or tablet to do his inspection he must email you a copy of the inspection or text it to you as you’re standing there. Do not let them leave without leaving you this report.

If he or she tells you they cannot email it to you from that software, ask to take a screenshot of  it. 

It is however our experience they can email it because we require a copy of the bill of lading to pay drivers that are not COD payments (where you were asking us to put everything on the credit card).

Once the vehicle arrives delivery location, you can use a comparison of the two reports to make sure any damage that is showing up on the car was there before. If it was not there before then you instantly have a claim.

We mention this throughout the website and FAQ, but keep in mind that pictures, video, eyewitness accounts, do not have nearly as much weight as a signed inspection report. In fact, the insurance companies do not accept anything but that report if you need to go through insurance.