Can the Carrier Take the Title For Me?

Drivers do take titles from places like auctions and sellers, even a family member gifting a car . Keep in mind that you should use caution when doing so.

If it all possible, you should try to have the carrier not get the title but instead have the seller or auction mail you the title by certified mail or a service that provides tracking.

It’s really convenient to have the auction house throw the title in the vehicle. But keep in mind things get lost in transit. This is not a difficult request and very common for auctions to mail the title for you. The same thing should apply for somebody that’s a private seller or a dealership.

If they charge extra to do expedited/next day/priority mail it may be worth paying for it to make sure you get the title quickly and that it’s tracked.

Remember, if the title falls in the wrong hands a vehicle can be taken and sold to someone that thinks they have proper title and it can take a lot of effort and a lot of money to reverse that.

With overseas transport, it can vary but in nearly all cases the title should be sent to the recipient of the vehicle so they can present it at the pick up location and verify their ownership.