Do I Avoid Paying Auto Shipping Upfront?

This is another one that is 100% yes. Avoid auto shipping companies that want to charge before before they schedule anything.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to charge your credit card if they have not done the work. Charging ahead of time keeps you on the hook if you’re not satisfied with the service. 

Furthermore, it’s possible that this could be associated with a price that’s too low and then the contract terms could state that the price is an estimate and to be finalized later. Not only that, having your funds could make them more reluctant to remove your vehicle from the dispatch board. If you book somewhere else, then your car listed twice. This is known as double booking.

If you break the contract or otherwise cancel in those cases they will likely attempt to keepÏ your deposit, could use their contract to avoid your bank or credit card company from allowing the charge to be reversed, and keep your vehicle listed on the boards.