Car Transport Order Hijacking

A common practice from bad brokers is to try to poach orders from legitimate auto shippers.

Many brokers don't have a presence or reputation. So they can try to poach orders by calling customers already booked with a transport company and attempt to scare them into thinking they are dealing with a "bad company".

Your name and contact information is not public when you book with us or anyone else. What is shown is the year, make, model, and zip codes for pick up and drop off to the drivers that may be interested in taking your vehicle. Unfortunately this is enough to track down your order using other means. There are two ways this is done.

You Accidentally Gave Your Information to a Lead Farming Site

The most common is that you accidentally went to a lead farming site that only collects your information to sell it to brokers that otherwise cannot function unless they buy these leads. The lead site masquerades as a shipping company and your phone goes crazy with these unknown brokers.

They bought your info for a dollar or less so expect that much's worth of customer service!

When they receive you as a lead and are not successful in booking you, they soon begin to search for your vehicle by matching the contact info for the quote requested with your vehicle and zip codes listed on the board. From there, it's easy to see what company is posting your vehicle and awaiting a carrier.

You Got a Quote With Them and Booked With Us Instead

If you got a quote and didn't book, they can circle around and check the zip codes and model of your vehicle to see who you may have booked with. Since they know your name and phone number at the very least, they can match it up and contact you with this story in an attempt to have you cancel with us and go with them.