Where Can I Locate My Buyer Number for Copart ?

copart buyer number location highlighted

When arranging calling to speak to someone at Copart or arranging shipping your car from Copart, you will need your buyer number. Fortunately it takes longer to read this than to get it. Just follow these steps and in less than minute you will have your buyer number.

Your buyer number is known is also known your member number or bidder number. Copart calls it a "Member Number".

Steps To Find Your Copart Buyer Number (Member Number)

copart find buyer number steps

To get to your invoices:

1. Log in at https://copart.com/login

2. Go to Payments Tab as highlighted above

3. Go to Payment History

4. When in Payments History, make sure you are on Invoice View.

5. Click or tap on an invoice.

6. Locate your Buyer Number, noted here as "Member Number" located under your member name and address information, just below your contact phone number. A photo of an invoice is located above.