What’s the Difference Between Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping?

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Both open and enclosed auto will move your vehicle from point A to point B, however there is a difference in the way the vehicle is transported.

Open Carrier / Open Air / Open Transport

open carrier truck

An auto transport carrier that is open has the vehicles exposed to the outside world. These are usually 2 levels high and the length of two fire trucks. They come in various configurations, however none are enclosures. See our services section and select the open carrier option to see more details and photos.

Enclosed Carrier / Covered Carrier / Covered Transporter

This is a a specific type of auto shipping that by design provides extra protection for vehicles. It keeps the vehicles away from the outside world so they do not see exposure to the elements. Vehicles reside inside an enclosure during shipment. These types of carriers also usually carry high-end or luxury cars, classic cars, and exotic cars. Therefore have much higher insurance coverages. See our enclosed auto transport service for more details.

Also, see if you need enclosed transport.

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