Do I Need Enclosed Transport / Covered Shipping?

enclosed needed

Although open carriers are a typical choice in the transport industry, enclosed auto transport is a superior way of safely getting your vehicle 'To and From' without worrying about outside factors that might risk the safety of your pride and joy.

Most of our clients that use enclosed are usually very high end, museum, or rare vehicle owners. Like a vehicle that has original vintage paint and can’t even get dust on it. This option is also more expensive. But sometimes it can be a vehicle that is just one of sentimental value. We've shipped vehicles in that way that didn't cost much more than the transport and only the owner sees it as a value. So it's totally up to you.

Customers choosing between the two have asked if they can get chipped by rocks or other airborne debris on an open carrier. Although nothing is impossible, wind deflects of the front of the truck and is pushed away form the carrier since it’s such a flat surface. Vehicles up top are even further away from the road. You can always request top rack although not guaranteed.

Enclosed auto transport is inside the belly of an 18 wheeler, basically. Some are even climate controlled! For almost every transport, open is fine for 90% of all vehicles. Enclosed is usually reserved for high end vehicles or rare classics.

SUV’s because of their size and convertibles because of the vinyl usually ride up top. Convertibles with soft tops will also always go on top so no oil or debris from the vehicles above stain the top.