Enclosed Car Trailer Rental

Renting an enclosed trailer for auto transport consists of finding a provider which will for a fee allow customers to reserve enclosed car hauler to deliver cars in a sealed environment. The advantage is extra protection over standard vehicle or cargo trailers.

Enclosed trailer rentals will have features such as exterior walls, electric brakes, tandem axles, as well as specialized equipment such as D rings (for tie-downs) to secure the vehicle.

There are times you may need to move a car with a trailer. If you have tow a vehicle that needs extra protection your search will then include enclosed trailers.

Car haulers come in all shapes and sizes, however enclosed trailer rentals seal your vehicle from the outside world and the elements.

What Can I Carry in an Enclosed Trailer Rental?

Just as other types of car haulers you can rent, enclosed trailer rentals can take cars, trucks, motorcycles, trikes, and because of the exterior walls can even be used as a cargo trailer.

What is Required? Do I Need to Pay for Mileage?

There are no mileage charges for trailer rentals. They require a ball hitch and adequate truck that can pull car haulers. Usually a light or medium duty pickup is required. If you do not have one, you can enquire about a truck rental along with available enclosed trailers for rent.

What Is the Average Size of an Enclosed Trailer Rental?

The average trailer rental size for enclosed is 8.5×20 but there are longer variations that can take more than one unit. However, if hauling a sports car and a motorcycle, 20 feet can be enough.

Does Renting Your Own Enclosed Trailer Save Money?

Many of those who are cost minded tend to think that renting an enclosed auto transport trailer will be the least expensive way. We actually found a 7 day rental for $595. However, once additional costs such as food and lodging add up on your journey, the savings dwindle.

Not only that, filling up with gas occurs more often when pulling cars on a cargo trailer. It actually turns out more costly in the long run when shipping across the country. This is especially true if you lose control and damage the truck , trailer rental, and car inside.

The other thing to consider is what your time is worth, as it can take a week to travel across country.

Is Enclosed Trailer Rental a Safe Option and a Good One?

Although it is considered safe option, towing with a trailer isn't without risks. You may find yourself feeling anxious due lack of experience pulling a trailer rental. But, if done correctly and safely, this method of enclosed transportation offers a number of advantages.

One of these advantages is doing things on your own terms. You are good to decide when and how you will perform the towing of your own cars or motorcycles.

Another is that the car hauler is at your disposal for the entire trip. Since you are renting the enclosed trailer for yourself, there are no additional stops or delays.

Thirdly there's the experience of the open road and the pride of doing it all yourself.

Why To Consider Not to Ship a Car Using Enclosed Auto Transport Trailer Rentals

Driving a car or pickup with an auto transport trailer is hazardous if you lack the experience and confidence. Especially when traveling with a trailer rental across the country on the massive highways and byways of America.

It's easy to see if you're not accustomed to pulling any kind of cargo in such a large trailer or car hauler, then pulling an enclosed trailer could be highly dangerous.

Also, professional enclosed haulers have adequate insurance. If something happens on the road, you may be left paying for more than the rental bargained for on your cross country trip.

Can I Use an Enclosed Trailer Rental with Non-Running Cars?

Absolutely! Many enclosed trailer rental companies include an 8,000 lb winch for you to safely roll your inoperable vehicle in smoothly. Just keep in mind, it has to at least roll and steer for this to work!

Is There Enclosed Trailer Rental for One Way?

It may be very hard to find. Many enclosed trailer rental companies will not be national chains. And since enclosed trailers aren't a huge business, places like U-Haul may not provide this for you. You will likely have to return the trailer or hire someone to tow it back.

Can I Use an Enclosed Trailer Rental at an Auction?

The answer is also yes. Auctions such as Copart will load even load the vehicle for you! You just have to remember that you will need to find a way to winch it out if it does not run or is a salvage car, for example.

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