Cheap Car Towing State to State

There are a couple of things that will always come to mind for just about everyone searching out a cheap state to state car towing service. Speed and convenience of course are easy ones, as that is the whole purpose of having your car towed. But being able to save money and yet pick a reliable transporter is another. Fortunately you have found your source that wraps all that into one.

For years, National Express has been a pillar of the auto transport and long distance towing industry. Providing, safe, reliable, fast, and affordable pricing for relocations. As a result, we tow everything from your pride and joy, collectable, or daily driver to any state in the country.

There are simple options available.

Open Carrier

By far the most economical and popular, safe, and economical option is open carrier transport / towing. We do this simply by providing you a spot on a multi-car carrier. Your vehicle will be traveling with several others heading in the same direction. The costs are split between all the cars on the truck. It's that simple.

Enclosed Carrier

Next in line is Enclosed shipping. Maybe you have a classic car, or show car. Perhaps an exotic vehicle. This will then be the next tier. Your car will be away from the outside world inside a truck.

This is the obvious choice for rare vehicles, or anything that has original paint. For state to state towing, the increase is around $400 above the standard rate.

What is Included

All fees, taxes, insurance and door to door delivery. Transport is continuous. No storage or terminals used. No hidden fees.

What is Not Included

Immediate pickup for short distances is not a solution available by a state to state tow company. This is usually single car transport or flatbed transport. Mostly reserved for emergencies, or private use. This will be then the service of a regular towing company, not a the kind that goes state to state.

With long distance or state to state towing, we build a load of cars going from one place to another.


We can't stress enough the need for reputation and reviews. The website can look nice, the information organized well, but online reviews are words more words than any picture can paint. Citing the cliche in your mind yet? So do your research. Reviews are indicative of how a state to state company operates. So be sure to look at them. Look high and low to make sure everything is on the up and up. A proper state to state towing service will have credentials.

Cheap Car Towing is Widely Available

We make it fast and affordable. The goal is to provide a service is easy and straightforward. You'll get an email, a call, and even a text when your carrier is assigned. The driver will call you an hour before. After that there will be an inspection at pickup, and another at delivery. Then, you sign both and compare both.

This is to assure your vehicle arrives in the same condition it left on in the truck. You don't pay a deposit of any kind until the carrier is scheduled., and then the balance at delivery.

Carl has a decade of experience in the car shipping industry. He has worked in nearly every aspect of the transport business since 2014, taking charge of various roles in the company such as dispatching, sales, and customer service.

During those years, Carl amassed an invaluable amount of experience which has contributed to his writing of every article and and guide on NX since taking over content in 2015.