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National Express offers both open and enclosed auto shipping services for your Tesla. Door to Door, fully insured and carefully relocated only by the best and most trained professional auto carriers in the country. Entrust us to take care transporting your Tesla door-to-door with the absolute best auto transport company on the planet. Enclosed Services are also ready and available. Make a reservation today.
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It’s very difficult in this day and age for a new auto maker to emerge and become a success. Tesla is the first vehicle manufacturer to go public in the stock market since Ford in 1956. Tesla filled a niche that needed to be filled. Electric cars were around already but they had mostly limited range and very underpowered in comparison to a regular gasoline powered vehicle. When the Tesla Roadster debuted, they changed all that. It was the first vehicle be powered by lithium ion batteries that were rechargeable. This vehicle pave the way for what was the next generation electric vehicle and the parent project to all the Tesla vehicles that we now transport here at national express. We have shipped several of our customers’ Tesla vehicles with the care and attention to detail expected for their investment.

The face of Tesla is Elon Musk, but he is not the founder. The company was originally founded in 2003 by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhardt. The name Tesla came from Nikola Tesla, an inventor. He made dozens of breakthroughs in applications for electric power. Invented the first alternating current motor. Even though at the time it might’ve seemed kind of nerdy, there’s nothing nerdy about the bottom line of this company. Elon Musk, a rich entrepreneur and fan of clean energy injected millions of dollars in financing to get the company to where it is now. He became the face and the chairman of the board for Tesla before the Roadster debuted. In subsequent years, after investing millions of dollars and seeing the company grow, he became CEO and has since continued to grow this brand.

Although the brand is very expensive for a lot of people, Elon musk has stated that his goal is to make Electric vehicles affordable. By working from the top down he can slowly drive prices down and make it so the parts in the motors and batteries used can you come cheap enough to make economic cars.

We’re extremely proud to have customers trust us with their Tesla vehicles for transport. I do believe that they are the future of automobiles and with their latest achievement Electric performance vehicles glittering of the most powerful German engineered vehicles on the planet, there’s no limit to what the Tesla nameplate will do in the following years.

Tesla Model X

In 2015 Tesla served the market with Model X. After a year in the market, deliveries of over 25, 000 units had been made. It is designed as a family car with ample seating and cargo space. With a capacity of seven, vacant seats can be folded for more space. The all-electric SUV has its battery beneath the cabin floor.
Tesla Model X
Its dashboard has two touch screens and the driver is able to adjust most of the vehicle’s settings. For safety, Model X has eight 360 degrees cameras and 12 sensors that are able to detect any surrounding objects. Its forward-facing radar allows clear vision during rainy and misty days. To ease access to the third and second rows, it is equipped with falcon wing doors.

With a single charge, Model X can cover a distance of up to 295 miles. Its top speed is 130mph and has a 75D starter with a 75kWh. It is one of the most expensive SUVs.

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