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Examples Pulled by Our Calculator:


GAgoing toCA$855
TXgoing toNY$845
NYgoing toFL$775
TXgoing toCA$725
TXgoing toWA$1,225
CAgoing toFL$895
NJgoing toWA$1,100
GAgoing toTX$725
CAgoing toNY$1,075
WAgoing toCA$710
DCgoing toFL$775

There are some other factors that will determine how much is will cost to have a car or SUV shipped. These are estimates of what the most common routes will be. These prices per mile are not defined rates.


Basic Guide


The root of transport how much you pay is based on cost per mile, although it is not locked in that way. There are various adjustments made so that’s why we provide this calculator. Generally, vehicles traveling under 500 miles can be $1 a mile. Like a trip within the state or to the next state. Going through multiple states or over 500 miles can be from $.40 to $.60 cents each mile. Generally, the longer the trip, the lower it will be for every mile traveled  But if your locations are far from big cities and highways, then expect to pay the higher amount for each of those miles or more.


DistanceSample Price Per mileExample Rate
50 – 499 Miles$1.00$325
500 – 649 Miles$0.75$775
650 – 1,999 Miles$0.60$895
2,000 +  Miles$0.50$1,300


Remember, the more cars going to and from your locations as well as the bigger and more populated your locations are, the better the price will be. Our calculator takes this and more into account. For example, a trip across the country from Miami to Los Angeles can be as low as thirty-five cents each mile. You are going from one big city to another and over two-thousand miles.



The Factors for Calculating the Cost of Shipping a Car:


Vehicle Size


Larger cars will be more expensive to ship than smaller cars because they are heavier and take more room than smaller ones. If yours has a weight which is more than others despite being more moderate in size, that will also affect the total price of your shipping. This why we ask for the exact year, make and model of vehicle you are transporting with us. 





TypeVehicleExample Rate
CompactFocus, Cvic+$0
Mid Size SedanAltima, Accord+$50-60
Large SedanS500, Crown Victoria$100
Extra Large Sedan60’s Impala, El Dorado$150





An SUV have the largest differences from one to another. There’s the small SUV like a RAV 4, or an extra large SUV like the Suburban. Price will vary based on very small to very big. 



TypeVehicleExample Rate
Small SUVCRV, Compass+$75-80
Mid Size SUV4Runner, Pilot+$125-150
Large SUVTahoe, Yukon+$150-175
Extra Large SUVSuburban,, Expedition L+$175-200





Trucks can also vary in size and configuration. You could have a small Toyota Tacoma, or an F-350 Dually. Both are very different. A very large truck will have the steepest increase for size and weight, as they are very heavy and long.



TypeVehicleExample Rate
Small TruckTacoma, Ranger+$100-150
Mid Size TruckRidgeline, Frontier+$150-200
Large TruckSilverado, Ram+$200-250
Extra Large TruckF350, GMC 3500+$250-300


As you can see from the tables above, the bigger and the vehicle, the higher the price. Fuel is a factor but there’s more to it. The more big vehicles on a carrier, the less can fit. So the driver will make up the loss by charging more for anything large. 

For example, you can use our calculator to compare that a compact car like a Mini will cost less to transport than a full size SUV or truck like an Expedition or Tahoe. This will be the case regardless of distance. Vehicles such as those can take the space of two small cars making the carrier charge more to make up the difference.



Distance, Location, and Time of Year Adjustments





You might have already guessed that the further you wish to ship your car, the more it will cost. Sure, the longer trips cost less per mile, but there are more miles. Steady routes that don’t have a high or low season will stick pretty closely to standard mileage rates like the ones above.




The origin and destination location for your shipping will play a big role in the total cost of the shipping. Shipping a car from a metropolitan area to another metropolitan area is going to be cheaper. If it is from a rural or difficult location that is away from major cities and towns, this will cause an increase. 

That’s because metro areas have higher populations. There will be more people in the cities looking to ship their cars from place to place. But with that higher demand in metro areas, there is also a higher supply. More shipping companies are based in the cities and they often plot out their routes with the cities as the central points. The amount of competition is higher and that means more metro companies will keep their prices affordable for customers to maintain that competitive edge.

On the other hand, the lower population in rural areas means that there are fewer people looking to ship cars around. There is lower earning potential for the shipping companies. Also, rural areas are often outside the customary routes that shipping trucks take. That means that for it to be worthwhile for a shipping company to venture out to the rural areas, they have to charge much higher than they would in the city.

Some cities are not only bigger, but could have seasonal shippers and homes to local car auctions. This supply and demand difference will make it more expensive to ship. 


Time of Year


The time of the year during which your shipping your car also plays a role in with the price to ship a car. As you know, different industries have high seasons and low seasons.

For the shipping industry, the high season happens during the summer to early fall. That’s because more people tend to ship their cars during these months, and so there will be a generally higher demand for shipping. Established companies will have more freedom to choose which loads are more convenient for them, and this freedom means that they can charge you more without worrying about suffering a loss if you refuse their offer.

Some industry experts say established companies can increase their prices by $200 to $500 in the summer.


Shipping Inoperable Vehicles


If your vehicle does not run, you will see an increase due to the extra work involved. If you have a car that can be driven onto the shipping trailer, you will pay much less than if you have an inoperable car that has to be loaded with special equipment. In the latter case, your shipping company might need to rent special equipment to facilitate your shipping, and the higher costs they will have to take on will be transferred to you as well. As mentioned earlier this can range from $150 to $200.00 more.  In many cases if you are moving a vehicle that is inoperable a far distance, not only does this price increase but availability will also be scarce because not many carriers are equipped for long distance and inoperable vehicles.


Using Enclosed Transport


If you require enclosed / covered transport, this will also raise the price. Open carrier is not the best option if you’re shipping a valuable car that you would not want to be exposed in any way. But if you scour the route your trucker will take to make sure it’s debris-free enough, and you choose a good time to transport your car, you might not have to worry about damage by the elements and be able to save some money with this option.

This is the opposite of open carrier transport. Your car will be transported on a carrier that has a roof and four sides sealing the vehicles in.  Your car will have more protection from the elements but the price will be higher. You might want to go with this option when transporting something very valuable either financially or sentimentally.


Tip: Before looking into any company for an auto transport quote, do a search with the company’s name in “quotes” with the word reviews after it as seen here.