Inoperable Car Transport


These types of haul are different than those for vehicles that run normally.  This cost will vary based on the severity of the damage causing the vehicle to not run. Inoperable vehicles that can roll and be steered are the not much more difficult, but will still require equipment such as a winch to pull the car onto the trailer.  While vehicles with severe damage (such as salvage vehicles) may not move at all and need to be carried on to the trailer with special equipment.

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Inoperable Car Transport

Inoperable Vehicles Need Experienced Transporters


National Express provides the best service for inoperable vehicles. We specialize in all kinds of inops, even for those in the most difficult situations.  Our network of carriers includes specialized carriers that can move all kinds of vehicles, including cars that cannot roll such as heavily damaged vehicles or vehicles that are used for parts.  Even if your vehicles does not have wheels, we can ship.

Ship our non running car, truck, suv, van,  and more to and from anywhere in the country.  Collision damage, project vehicle, or parts car. we can do it all. Very few auto transport companies are properly equipped to handle these special cases. So go with someone with years of experience in shipping cars that don’t run.

So whether your vehicle is damaged due to a crash, won’t start because of some mechanical problem, or maybe you are simply just missing the keys, it’s not a problem for National Express.



  1. If the vehicle does roll, have try to make room for transporter to work and move your vehicle onto the trailer. Be sure to allow plenty of time.
  2.  Cars that don’t run either need to be pulled with a winch if they roll or forklift on if they do not have wheels or the damage is so severe the vehicle can’t roll In those cases, loading and loading assistance may be needed at both the pickup and dropoff. Be Sure to inquire about this when requesting the inoperable transport service.
  3. Vehicles without keys should be be in neutral gear, and be facing in the direction they are to be loaded if the steering also locks. Otherwise, it is just like moving a damaged vehicle that doesn’t roll because the wheels are locked in place when in “Park”.
  4.  Check out our blog post on cars that don’t run.


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