What's Are The Maximum Dimensions to For Cars Going to Hawaii with Matson?

jeep truck on hawaii beach

One of the biggest questions people ask when they are trying to ship a car to or from Hawaii is what are the maximum height, width, and lengths allowed. There are two kinds of shipping first, is car shipping and the other is Hawaii Equipment (heavy equipment)

Although it should seem easy to find the max dimensions by entering Matson's site, it's actually buried in the car shipping rates section, and quite frankly, a little confusing the way they describe it as they talk about a many other ports and destinations.

For Car Shipping

The official answer from Matson is "21’8” long x 8’ wide x 7’ high or less to not be considered "Equipment".

  • These sizes apply to vehicles coming from the Mainland, all ports such as Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle.
  • These sized apply to all ports in Hawaii - Honolulu , Hilo , Kahului, and Nawiliwili

Matson uses specially designed containers that hold these vehicles, therefore it's very important to understand there is no leeway in letting a vehicle through that exceeds these dimensions even ever so slightly.

For Oversized / Heavy Shipping - Big Truck - Big Jeep - Limo

If I have a very large pickup truck, Jeep, or other exceeds "21’8” long x 8’ wide x 7’, it needs to travel as Hawaii Equipment. However, this can easily triple the price. For example, a flat bed F550 we shipped this way cost the customer $4,000+ to send to Honolulu. All quotes are custom for these considering weight and dimensions.