What are The Requirements for Shipping a Car to Hawaii?

picture of hawaii

Here is a list of what is needed to ship your vehicle to Hawaii.

Vehicle Registration and Title: (Originals not Copies) are needed to verify ownership and lender

Financed Vehicles: If your vehicle is currently financed or leased, bring a notarized statement from the bank to certify they are aware the vehicle is being moved to Hawaii

Valid Photo ID: In order to pick up the car, you (or anyone you designate) must furnish a Government
issued photo ID (License, Military ID, State ID, Passport).

Absentee Owners: If you own the vehicle but someone is getting it for you, they must have signed the absentee authorization form. This is a notarized letter of authorization from the owner(s). If the vehicle is co-owned, both owners must sign the form. This also applies if the one of the co-owners is not there.

Disabled Vehicles: The vehicle cannot be disabled or otherwise inoperable

Max Dimensions: The vehicle must not be larger than 21’8” long x 8’ wide x 7’ high

Items in the Vehicle: Vehicle must me empty of all belongings. Nothing may be in the vehicle. No personal items, luggage or boxes may be shipped.

Fuel: The Vehicle must have no more than a 1/4 tank of fuel. More than this and the vehicle will be rejected. Your vehicle must be in safe condition, no flat tires or broken windows. Cars may have superficial damage but this damage cannot include loose or hanging parts.

Keys: You must provide keys to the start the vehicle and keys must access all areas such as the trunk, gas cap and anything that is locked.

For more detailed information, go to our Hawaii page. To find out how much it costs, go to our shipping calculator or read or post on what it costs to ship a car to Hawaii.