Can I Ship my Car To or From a Storage Unit?

vehicle storage facility

Yes you can. A car shipping carrier can be arranged to go to your facility and pick up your vehicle. You can also have that car delivered to a storage unit as well. They key is to be prepared and to follow important steps as assure it all goes as you would expect.

When Leaving a Storage Unit:

  • Make sure all storage fees are up to date
  • Verify that any needed paperwork is signed and ready, like release forms and such
  • If possible to the unit and make sure the vehicle has enough battery to start

When Delivering to a Storage Unit:

  • Have the unit ready. Verify a unit has been reserved for you and is ready
  • Go over the drop off with the storage facility. Make sure they are aware a vehicle is arriving
  • Have an attendant sign the bill of lading for delivery and make sure you get a copy

Non Running Vehicles in Storage Units

If your vehicle for certain will not run, you will need to make arrangements to have your vehicle moved. For example, the carrier will likeley not fit to get in front of the unit to winch your car in. In those cases, you may need to have yourself or a friend or two help push the vehicle out and into position for the transporter to load.

If you cannot be present, a tow truck may need to be hired to pull the car out for you.

Discuss it With Your Auto Transport Company

When arranging car shipping with an auto transport company, make your sales rep is aware that we are picking up from a facility or going to one. There are some extra steps we need to take such as verifying business hours and the ability for a car carrier to enter the facility.

Arrange Payments Accordingly

Most of the time auto shipping is "pay at delivery" to the car carrier. Make sure you properly arrange payment to your driver by meeting them at either location. If that's not possible, we have direct payment options for the carrier as well.

Can I Ship My Stuff and Car with the Auto Shipping Company?

If you already have 100lbs or less of personal items in the car, they can stay if they are stored away and not in the front seats. However, if you vehicle has more than 100 lbs. of personal items or you have extra items in the storage unit, the auto transport company cannot take them.

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Is Storage Unit Transport Considered Terminal to Terminal Shipping?

No, unless the units are owned or managed by the transport company and if it's only for short stays where the car awaits pickup after terminal delivery or drop off, which is usually within a week or so.

With storage unit shipping, the vehicle owner arranges everything including the hiring of the auto transport company and picking which facility will hold their vehicle(s).