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Privately Owned Vehicle - What is a POV?

The term privately owned vehicle refers to a vehicle that is owned, leased, or financed by an individual.

POV's as Described by Government / Military

This term is commonly used when addressing those transporting a vehicle that are currently enrolled the us armed forces or Government. Privately owned vehicles (P.O.V.'s) are not Government owned and used by the  goverment employee or immediate family as personal transportation. When referring to military car shipping, it's sending that personal transportation to where personnel will be stationed. The military will usually provide the transport or reimburse for auto shipping costs if using an auto transport company.

Privately Owned Vehicle In Reference to a Corporation / Employer

This term is also used by corporations that send employees to different locations where they will be driving their own vehicle and performing tasks that require driving. In this case, it will be classified as privately owned versus a company car because there may be reimbursements due to the owner for mileage, wear and tear, fuel, and maintenance.