Quarter Tank of Gas Picture - What Does a Quarter Tank Look Like?

quarter tank of gas picture - digital gauge with range

Here's what a fuel gauge measuring a quarter tank of gas looks like. As you can see a quarter thank of fuel is represented by a line or needle between the "E" for empty and the half tank line, middle of the gauge, or "1/2" symbol on the dial.

Certain gauges are digital but still represent the familiar needle or level as a visual. They may also display a range below or on another location in the dashboard.

Fuel Gauges are More Accurate Then Ever

Fuel gauges are more accurate than ever as they can rely on complex systems like air pressure measured against liquid volume, as opposed to fuel gauges of yesteryear that simply used a float system. These float gauges could be inaccurate when parked or driving on hills, indicating the wrong amount of fuel.

Is a Quarter Tank Considered Low Fuel?

A quarter tank is considered to be "low fuel" typically on a gas guzzling engine like one found in a large truck or SUV. So on these vehicles you should be looking rather soon for the next gas station when reaching this fuel level on the fuel gauge.

On gas guzzling cars, a half tank is considered safer than a quarter. On of course, three quarters being a great safe zone to be in regardless of the vehicle.

A quarter tank can be less important on very fuel efficient cars or if you regularly travel highway speeds. As technology has progressed vehicles not only tell you how much fuel you have but how many miles you have left. This can leave you many miles of travel to spare and not be considered low.

The parameters on how good amount of a quarter fuel on the gauge are the following:

  • How many gallons the tank size can hold
  • How many miles per gallon the vehicle gets
  • The driving style of the person
  • The quality of the fuel (octane levels)

Efficient Vehicles Can Travel For a While on A Quarter Gas Level

As mentioned, having one quarter gas tank on hybrid vehicles or very fuel efficient cars can still be a safe amount of fuel for travel in a car for several miles.

Plug in Hybrids may have much smaller tank size however, so it is advisable to follow manufacturer's recommendations on when to fill up at the gas station.

A fuel gauge showing a quarter fuel tank of gas or less is a great example of the amount of fuel a car carrier likes to see when they ship a car because if each vehicles has a quarter or less of gas.

How fast you get to a quarter tank of gas depends on your driving style as well, even if a vehicle is very efficient.

During Car Shipping A Quarter Fuel Gauge is Preferred and In Some Cases Required

A quarter amount of fuel or less on the gas gauge is the ideal amount of fuel for car shipping. In fact, new cars from dealers have very little fuel to lower weight.

When shipping a car overseas, this is an example of how much fuel is allowed. Having more fuel than a quarter tank (such as half tank of full tank of gas) can have a car rejected in some ports.