How Long Does it Take to Schedule Pickup?

Auto shipping is not based on first come first serve but who is creating the best opportunity for the carrier at the time the vehicle is available.

Our company average is 1-3 days for metro to metro areas (large cities and towns), but can take up to 5 days. More remote locations can take longer, especially If you live far from populated locations and highways. In those cases, we may recommend making adjustments to the pickup and drop-off to assure a speedy pickup.

Please keep in mind that up to 5 days is a nationwide statistic and every auto shipping company works the same way. Be wary of sales people who overpromise with the intention of under delivering.

If you need something faster you need to go with an expedited service. This does not profit us, but simply pays more money to the carriers in order to bump you higher in the list so you will get picked up first. Again, who is creating the best opportunity for the carrier is in the center of how the timeframes work.

When you ship with us,  you can authorize anyone over 18 to hand over the keys and the vehicle if you aren’t going to be around.