Monday Car Shipping Spikes


Why does auto shipping volume increase on Mondays?

Car shipping does spike on Monday's and also somewhat on Tuesdays. This is due to some simple factors:

On the auto transport company side of the aisle, many carriers work through the weekend, however their dispatcher or they themselves look for new loads from brokers during the week. Usually they begin their route plans in the beginning of the week. This leads to lots of drivers calling auto transport companies for available vehicles.

Psychologically, Monday is also the startling line. Everything revolves around Monday being the first day of the week and many don't want the laundry list of things to do to pile on to the next, especially something that is as important as the shipping of what is usually the second biggest investment someone makes, which is their car.

Monday marks the start of the week. It's a day most people take care of the most important tasks, especially those that take time or may require some research.

Many have had a break from the day-to-day grind thanks to a relaxing weekend and are ready to jump back in and get things done, especially out of the ordinary tasks, like getting that car shipped.

Some will make use of free moments at work for mundane tasks instead of valuable time at home with friends and family, so they will take a moment to take care of personal business at work. Coupled with th reason above, Monday is the perfect day.

In general, Monday is a great day to arrange things and roll through the week, worry free.