Can I Ship a Car That is Not Insured?

Yes you can. There is nothing wrong with shipping a car that is not insured. Since the carrier is insured, your vehicle is protected against exterior damage caused by the shipment. However, once it is on the ground at delivery you need to make sure to have proper insurance or it may not be legal to drive in your area.

Some customers need special accommodations and are unable to walk or be available where the carrier fits for pickup or drop off. During these instances, the driver of the carrier may volunteer to bring you the vehicle and request a ride back to the carrier. This is common with our elderly customers. This will not be possible if your vehicle is not insured.

It's important to note that you may me leaving certain things to chance which are outside of the control of the carrier if you don't have the vehicle insured.

Although the carrier carries anywhere from $750,000 to $1,000,000 of liability and $250,000 collision per incident, the carrier's insurance does not protect against theft (if you packed items) or severe weather.

This can be harsh weather such as hail. Those are considered "acts of God" and are not covered by the policies carriers have. This is an industry standard and not an exclusive policy of our company.