Does Vroom Ship Cars?

Vroom uses a third-party delivery brokerage service added to their Vroom Delivery service. They added this service in 2021 to expand their reach across the country. They combine that service with local providers such as Skipcart and Dash Drive to perform what is known as "last mile" delivery. This helps them reach points outside of car carrier's normal routes that would be too remote or inconvenient for a car carrier to take.

Do I need to Use Vroom's Shipping?

You can opt to select your own auto transport company, so you can have direct control of your shipping and in many cases better pricing, and more importantly faster delivery. It has been noted by users of their delivery service that it can take more than 14 days, with the vehicle sitting for a little while. Most well established car transport services will pick up in 1-5 days. One small drawback is that you will not be able to use back-office integrations provided by Vroom Delivery that will allow you to track your vehicle .