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Can a Dealership Ship a Car to Another Dealership?

The simple answer is, yes. One dealership can ship a car to another and vice-versa.

Most commonly, you will see this type of situation occur when a new car that a customer wants is not available. Maybe you are looking for a specific color or features that your local dealership will not have that perfect car in stock.

In fact, in your searching for a new car online you probably already saw the one you really want far away. It's with vehicle shortages across the nation, the most desirable models are always hard to find.

Dealers Know How Savvy Customers Are

The car dealership knows that buying a car from a dealership and having a car shipped with an auto transport company is incredibly common more than ever. More recently, car prices have gone down although shortages remain due to the economic situation worsening in 2023 and the rise of interest rates. That means your local dealer may offer you an awesome deal so you won't want you to walk out the door and take your business remotely. The one car could mean a lot in this economy for them.

You May Have Your Reasons for Working with Your Local Dealerships

From your point of view, you may really want to use your local dealer because you have bought from this dealership many times in the past and they give you the best deal.

Or another common scenario is if you are using a credit union that has offered special interest rates on a car loan to certain partners in your area and you don't want to miss out by having to use a far away dealer.

Whatever the reason, car buyers can easily use car shipping to bring in a vehicle they want from a faraway dealership.

Smart Dealerships Won't Let The Customer Slip Away

A smart salesperson and car dealerships in general will not want to loose a great qualified buyer like you, so they will do what they can to source that one for you so you don't go to a faraway dealer to take a car home.

Dealerships however will need to likely have a similar desired model in stock for the other to agree, making it usually a dealer trade. They send one they might need to get the car you want.

Auto Transport Companies

To the rescue comes the car shipping company for that dealer trade. For new inventory from the factory, manufacturers will have their own logistics thereby not needing an auto transport service. However, when dealers are moving cars they already have in their inventory from the factory it's up to them to move sell them to the consumer the best way they can.

With transportation costs being affordable, it's an easy win. Be aware that in most cases, dealers will add the shipping charges to the final bill which usually won't be a deal breaker but can move up the price a little bit when you throw in tax, title along with the shipping cost with the final price. And if your don't need enclosed transport, then open transport will not break the bank.

Shipping with an auto transport company can help you save money. By doing your own research you can see the price difference to have the vehicle delivered yourself, and select a reliable company.

Research The Auto Transport Companies a Dealership Uses

As you may or may or may not know, the auto shipping industry is riddled with shady players and not all dealerships may know how to spot them if they don't have us as their go-to or a rookie salesperson is at the helm. So it helps to do your own research when considering car trades like these.

You can start by getting a price quote to have a new car shipped one way from an auto transport company like ours, that's well rated and reputable.

How Do Dealerships Get Their Cars?

The main word here is "allocation'. There is a lot behind it. Always the best selling and most profitable dealerships get the best new car inventory at the highest quantity of desired models. Other dealerships that sell less, have vehicles held over for months will not be first in line.

How Do Dealerships Trade Between Each Other?

For new cars form the factory, they will come in on the manufacturer's own shipping. But as mentioned, if the manager orders to many of an undesired model, or underperforms to get the best models, then problems can arise with an already slim market.

How Can Dealerships Be Successful in Shipping a Car to Another Dealership ?

To maximize their success and bring in more business, dealers will cultivate a strong relationship with auto transport companies. The closer they align themselves with companies like NX, the better off everyone will be - not only can they enjoy special privileges such as discounts or expedited services but also provide beneficial opportunities for their customers. Ultimately, when it comes to working with auto transportation businesses, everybody wins!

Factors that Affect The Overall Cost of Car Shipping

One of the most important aspects to consider when shipping a vehicle is which mode of transport you will use. The two main carriers types are open auto transport and enclosed auto transport; however, for complete protection of your car, it's best to opt for the latter as it comes at an additional cost, usually 40-60% more.

How Far It Is, How Good The Route Will Be and Even When You Ship a Car

If a customer desires to have their car picked up same or next day, then likely you will have to use expedited transport services.

Obviously, the distance has a lot to do with the cost. The farther, the more expensive it is. But just as important to the cost of shipping is how common the route is. If carriers are frequently shipping cars to and from the city and state you are coming from or going to, then pricing is more competitive. However if your route is deep in the country or far from other auto shipping, costs can increase.

Year, Make, Model, and Condition

Not only can the size and weight of your car notably alter its shipping fees, but inoperable vehicles may necessitate additional equipment during loading, further driving up costs.