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Is Covered Shipping the Same as Enclosed?

When it comes to transporting a vehicle, you may have heard terms like "enclosed car shipping" and "covered car shipping".

But is it the same?

The answer is yes, it is the same. Covered is simply another way of saying enclosed car transport.

Enclosed car transport is the most secure form of vehicle transport. However, it's easy to just say it's covered because your vehicle will be placed inside a sealed, waterproofed carrier and transported directly to its destination. Covered car shipping is the same as enclosed car shipping in that the vehicle is placed inside a carrier and protected from the elements and other vehicles on the road.

So, when you are talking about the shipping that keeps elements like, dirt, debris and potential damage caused by other vehicles on the road, you can refer it to as both "covered" or "enclosed".

Is Soft Sided Enclosed Shipping Called "Covered" and is Hard Sided "Enclosed" ?

No. Regardless of whether you use the soft sided or hard sided method of covered/enclosed trailer, you can refer to it as either covered car shipping or enclosed car shipping interchangeably in this situation as well. Because both soft sided and hard sided enclosed transport services both shield your car during the vehicle transport process.

Other Reasons Covered Car Shipping is the Same as Enclosed Car Transport

  • When Google searching "covered car shipping companies", the results will show the word "enclosed" in most of the results.
  • Images of covered car shipping will also show the word "enclosed" in nearly all results.
  • Enclosed trailers from rental companies all name sealed trailers such as these as "enclosed".

Choose the Right Covered Car Shipping Company

No matter what you want to call this method of car transportation, it is important to choose a reputable auto transport company that has the experience and resources necessary to safely and securely ship your vehicle. By doing some research up front and considering all of your options, you can ensure that your rare, high end, or high value car, truck, van, or SUV arrives at its destination safe and sound.