How Long do I Have to Pick Up a Car From IAA?

You have four business days starting the day after the auction day to pick up your vehicle. Unlike other auctions that count only calendar days, IAA gives you more time to arrange shipping or go get it yourself. All payments must be cleared. The time begins to elapse on the date of the sale, not after payment is cleared. You must have cleared payment in order to have it picked up.

IAA is similar as far as the process for pickup goes to it's competition. Have your buyer account number and lot number ready for the transporter. To make surre there are no outstanding balances, log in to your account. That way you don't experience delays that can cost you storage. Storage is usually $40.00 a day,

Please note that as per IAA:

There are exceptions to this policy. Due to space constraints, some facilities have reduced the pickup time to the auction day, plus two business days. In these cases, if the auction is on Monday, vehicles must be picked up by 4:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday to avoid storage charges.