Does Enhanced Vehicles in Copart Mean It Runs?

Enhanced Vehicles, Copart - Meaning

No, it does not mean the car runs and drives. It would have to say "run and drive" in the listing.

Copart has been authorized to do "a service" to the vehicle. It could be as simple as a car wash. It goes on to say they may have done nothing at all but that they were allowed to make the enhancement by the seller. To give you an idea, this could be an enhanced vehicle:

enhanced copart example
Example of an "Enhanced" Vehicle

As you can see "enhanced" is used very broadly here. Mostly it means the vehicles were cleaned up. There are very few instances where something mechanical is done. If so, it is more likely that panels that are totally broken beyond repair are removed and discarded to make the vehicle look neater.

Copart describes enhanced vehicles in the following manner:

Vehicles listed as “Enhanced Vehicles” are those where: (i) the seller has authorized Copart to perform an enhancement service to the vehicle such as a wash and vacuum or protective covering or (ii) the vehicle is under a program that gives Copart discretion to use enhancement services to maximize the value of the vehicle. This designation does not guarantee that any enhancement service was completed but rather indicates that qualifying vehicles would likely be enhanced. It is the Member’s responsibility to inspect and verify the use of enhancement services.

What Copart is saying here is that there may have not been some sort of change done to the vehicle to make it more appealing. It was simply requested by the seller to better their chances of getting a higher bid. Although it was requested, there is no guarantee from Copart that it was done. It's just likely that to have that done since it qualified for this "enhancement" and the seller gave them to go ahead. It is possible however that they did not get around to this before it hit the auction or was photographed.