Ford Transit Connect

The transit connect was first introduced by Ford Europe and was derived from Ford focus. The first generation was developed in the year 2002 by Peter Horbury to stand on the place of the early Ford escort courier rangers which was no longer in production. It has been in the North American market since the year 2010. In North America, Transit connect has no direct counterpart, the vehicle that comes close to its size was the Ford Aerostar cargo vehicle which was lastly produced in 1997.

Ford Transit Connect

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Transit connect provides the most adjustable seats in its class. The rear back seats can easily be folded to allow a space for carrying cargo. Also the front passenger seat can be folded to create a surface for writing or a platform for a laptop.

It comes with a long wheel base model with up to 128.6 cu feet of the load space located behind the front seats. Cargo can be loaded with ease up to 4 feet wide, and 7 feet long whereby the maximum payload rate is at 1610 lbs.

Whenever a bend during wet or dry pavement is approached, the electronic curve control is able to sense if you’re moving at high speed and slows the car down by use of the anti-lock braking and throttle reducing. Once you get into the curve, the g-forces releases more traction on the outside tires compared to the inside ones. Torque vectoring control facilitates transfer of torque to the wheels with the highest grip, lowering under steer and forcing the front to hold the inside of the curve.

Commercial vehicles have to withstand the severity of daily job duty. That’s why the Transit connect was powerfully tested to 150000 equivalent customer miles. Through computer engineering, other simulated models were built through extensive durability, crash, dynamic vehicle test and harshness of vibration noise. The chassis and underbody structure were tested under harsh road conditions to ensure there is structural integrity.

The innovative 1.0 litre 3 – cylinder Ford EcoBoost petrol engine gives it all the power you expect from an ordinary 1.6 litre engine. It delivers up to around 24% better economies on fuel and emits lower carbon ii oxide. This has made it scoop international engine awards of the year for the sub 1.0 litre category for five years in sequence.

The value of any given commercial vehicle is its ability to put up all daily works. That’s the reason as to why Transit connect is made in such a manner to spend the most time possible on work and least necessary time in the shop. This is a commitment to its reliability supported by several years of built tough commercial service.

Therefore, transit connect is long lasting and reliable model of car that greatly withstands all the harsh conditions of the road. Its comfortable and flexible seat has made it the best car for travel and leisure.

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