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Do You Guarantee Dates?

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Are guaranteed dates a myth? Some auto transport companies say they can. Here's the answer:

Unfortunately, No auto shipping company is able to totally guarantee a delivery or pickup date for several reasons. Each transporter truck is subject to possible delays. Traffic conditions, weather conditions, roadway conditions, rare mechanical problems cause delays. Federal and state Department of Transportation regulations that can effect the dates.

What About Expedited Transport?

There are expedited services that can get you picked up within a 24 hour window on average. Keep in mind that these services work best in metro to metro areas. Even if working with an expedited rate, there's a chance that the date could come and go without pick up. But why?

The reason for this is this is a volume business. If there are not enough vehicles for a carrier, as a result they may choose to ignore the route. That means you can be left waiting even if the route is paying well.

This is exactly why any ethical auto shipping company will usually mentioned that it’s “typical“ or “average“ because truthfully nobody out there should be promising an exact date no matter what.

By doing so, an auto transport company is trying to predict the future and control a third-party that they have no idea will appear on time.

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