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If you are looking towards auto shipping to move you Buick, then choose National Express. Our professionals know the industry and offer the most up to date equipment, reasonable rates, and best service around. Our ratings speak for themselves. Our commitment to quality is there. Call us today! We can ship any Buick model. Listed here are the ones we move the most.
Buick Auto Shipping and Transport
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Buick Vehicles

Buick is a brand that has had a great history.  From being one of the most sought after and luxurious brands on the planet in the 50’s to nearly ending its run during changes that forced GM to discontinue two other of its brands at the turn of the century.

By the late 80s the brand was struggling with its identity.  A great example is the iconic Buick grand national.  A turbocharged six cylinder performance vehicle that came out of nowhere for Buick. A departure from other styles they were working on of the time. An attempt to bring the younger crowd to the brand as well. Buick sold thousands of units and even today the vehicle is  still sought after by enthusiasts.  Many of them transported all over the US and even abroad. Still, as a whole General Motors struggled with keeping up with other brands and several of its designs in the 90s we’re not selling very well. Each vehicle seemed to be a slight variant from one brand to the other without much effort to make them different from their other General Motors counterparts.  However, Buick made a revival.  Classic monikers were brought back to life like the Buick Park Avenue and new models such as the Buick Enclave now we’re up to par or surpassed even German engineered competition.

Today, National Express has transported Buick vehicles throughout all parts of the United States and even to Canada and Puerto Rico. Buick stands as an iconic American brand and we are proud to transport your Buick with the best auto transport service available today. Try us out! Give us a call at 800-284-7177 or head over to our car shipping calculator and get started.

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