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For your extended stay or relocation to WV. Many carriers are available for West Virginia auto transport needs around wherever in the state you decide to go. You will always need a vehicle and would not necessarily want to incur an added cost of renting a car for a long stay or driving your own car adding excessive wear and tear.

West Virginia Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Hollywood, FLCharleston, WV$640
Hollywood, FLCharleston, WV$640
Hollywood, FLCharleston, WV$640
Le Roy, ILCharleston, WV$525
Kent City, MIHedgesville, WV$905
Downers Grove, ILHurricane, WV$535
Huntsville, ALPrinceton, WV$645
Summit Point, WVWashington, NJ$585
Huntington, WVAurora, OH$470
Bethesda, MDMartinsburg, WV$305
For this reason, the best option that you are left with when you are around West Virginia is shipping your car to and from the state. With a reliable and trustworthy auto shipper, you will be able to do much more than mountain climbing.

Speaking of thrills, there are plenty more activities such as Water rafting, hiking, hunting, skiing, biking and so much more. Consider auto shipping to make sure your trip is convenient and efficient within West Virginia if you are there for a long period of time before returning home. You don’t have to be moving to the state to use a car transport service.

West Virginia is best known for the beautiful scenery brought forth by the Appalachian Mountains. The mountain sprawls and stretches across the state to bring out the beautiful scenic spots. The major Metropolitan city in the state is Charleston. Though many carriers do come into this city, their major concern is the mountains, so during the snow season, rates can increase a bit.

Shipping To and From West Virginia

The most important thing to consider is that you don’t end up paying anything upfront, deal with a shipper that has no hidden fees, and is door to door. Check reviews, be smart with your vehicle. Now that we are passed the warnings, here are some more tips to help you.

The most convenient route that will help you ship through the East to the West of West Virginia is the I-95 interstate line. This line runs through North Carolina straight to the Washington DC. Most of the auto shipping takes place through this route because most of the people are on this route. Most of the Metropolitan cities along Richmond, Alexandria, and Arlington.

If you are shipping to the Southeast of West Virginia state, you will have an opportunity to go to major metropolitan cities that include Newport, Virginia Beach, and the Hampton. Most auto shi[ppers find it easier to do car shipping to the East as compared to the Western side of West Virginia.

To the Western side, you will have to cruise along the I-81 interstate line. This line will lead you across the Appalachian mountains. Though the Western side is rural, it has a majority of auto shipping clients. It attracts major shipments to and from the western side as much of its environs are efficiently accessible.

If you are wishing to do auto shipping to the Southwest of West Virginia, the I-77 interstate connects you straight to North Carolina. The I-77 has an interconnection to the I-81 through the I-64, thus enabling an auto shipper to connect to various destinations from a single auto shipment. The I-77 stretches further through Richmond.

There are other interstate lines that connect to the Northern part of West Virginia, and that is the I-66 which stretches through the metropolitan areas of West Virginia straight to Washington DC.

The auto shipper that you choose for your car shipping needs should be able to factor in all related interstate routes through West Virginia. He should be familiar with all interstates that lead to major highways and ones that will get you to major cities. Make sure that the shipping quote you get is verifiable and cost-effective.

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