US Bans Russian Oil - Car Shipping Fuel Costs to Rise

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US announces ban on Russian oil imports which will affect auto shipping prices.

What Was Announced

President Biden announced today he is banning Russian oil imports “to inflict further pain” on on Russia. This means the cost of diesel will rise immediately.

The president said:

This is a step that we’re taking to inflict further pain on Putin, but there will be further cost as well here in the United States. 

I said I would level with the American people form the beginning. When I first spoke of this in the beginning, I said defending freedom is going to cost us as well in the United States.

The White House

What This Means for Car Shipping

Both consumers and the auto transport industry alike will see increased fuel prices. Please be aware carriers set prices based on their expected expenses and one of the biggest considerations will be fuel.

What National Express Is Doing

As a nationwide auto transport company, we will continue to monitor and adjust pricing based on what carriers are going to charge.

What National Express Will Not Do

We will not try to inflate pricing or "take advantage". All our operational costs are the same, only fuel related charges will change.

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