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The most popular SUV’s come in all shapes and sizes. From small, to large, to crossover.  However, they have one thing in common. A carrier will charge a little more for these taller and heavier vehicles than a sedan. This is typically because SUVs take a little bit more space and are heavier. There is an additional charge for that size and weight. Usually the price will increase within $100-$150 more than a standard sedan.

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Very small SUVs can cost almost the same as a sedan. Especially on short distance transports. Conversly, the biggest SUVs will see a larger increase. Big SUVs can become a little more complicated than cars as far as the carrier is concerned. A typical double-decker truck without anything on it weighs 40,000 pounds. Add too many heavy vehicles and the truck could be easily overweight.

Full-size heavy weights like a Ford Excursion or a Chevy Suburban very long and heavy. In those cases, this will add to the price tag because a long SUV can take the spot of two compact vehicles. So it is safe to say, that carriers prefer taking smaller cars, it’s easier and more profitable. 

SUV Transport – Getting Started

The first part is easy. Get online and get the cost to ship with our calculator. When searching for an auto transport company, it’s important to know that you’re dealing with somebody that can calculate for the type of SUV you have. For example, we have a carrier network and have access to the latest data so we know all the specifications of your vehicle. If dealing with an unexperienced shipper, the size and weight of the SUV may not be properly accounted for. This could result in and incorrect quote and then price that was given to you is going to result in delays.

If shopping around, remember that whomever you decide to get a price from, be sure they aren’t asking for too much information.  Keep your privacy  A name, email, zip codes to and from, as well as the year, make, and model will be enough to get your started.


How Much Does It Cost to Ship an SUV?

SUV transport costs about $1.00 a mile up to five hundred miles. So in that case, a 400 mile transport would be $400. The more miles for the transport, the cheaper each mile gets. SUVs going 1,000-1,500 miles can run about $.55-70 per mile.  So let’s say 1500 miles is $0.55 per mile. Adding it all up, it costs just $825.

Rates will increase if you need enclosed transport or expedited. If you need enclosed, expect to pay 30-60% more for your transport. If looking to go with expedited transport, you will see a 25-35% increase in the rate.

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