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Cuba Needs Help as they Face a Humanitarian Crisis

Being part of the south Florida community and being a presence online seen by thousands of people, we feel it our duty to help spread the awareness of the humanitarian crisis plaguing our neighbor, Cuba.

Thousands of the Cuban people have taken to the tattered streets of their home to protest the communist regime that has held the island for decades.

As of the time, those wishing to render aid to the locals are now able as the government is temporarily lifting restrictions on travelers bringing food, medicines and hygiene products into the country. (Last checked July 23,2021)

Many of our site visitors that are not in South Florida are unaware of the local organizations that have their fingers on the pulse of the current crisis. Therefore, we are providing these links so they may be found by everyone.

We live in a great and wonderful country. We enjoy freedoms that are unparalleled to anywhere in the world. Where one can forge a path to endless possibilities. We understand this as see how here at this company we have helped change the lives of those that work with us. Providing them opportunity. This would not at all be possible if we did not have the solid and impenetrable foundation that is the United States of America.

How Can We Help?

There are many things we can do. Here are 4 Ways to Help the People of Cuba Right Now from Travel+Leisure.

We as the American People are not the only ones deserving of such freedoms. It is a human and universal right to have safety, health, and the pursuit of happiness.


Here are some links we have found. From larger companies to individuals rendering aid. We found most of these here and it's likely to be updated often:

Cubanos Pa’lante  - Cell Phone Donations

Donate your phones. Even if they don't connect to netowork, Wifi means internet. Find them here via Instagram.

Gemeny Hernandez - Cell Phone Donations

Featured on Spectrum News 13, a young woman is attempting to connect Cuba by topping off people’s phones with prepaid minutes and data. Reach her at [email protected] or her Instagram.

Cuba Decide

It states on their site that their goal is to make Cuba is a prosperous and happy society of free citizens, with equal opportunities and equality. "If you decide, Cuba decides.." Visit

Center for Free Cuba

Visit to learn about Cuba. Read their most recent articles and see how you can help.

Drink a Cuba Libre and Help Cuba at the Same Time

Havana Club Whiskey and the Center for Free Cuba have gotten together to have you help the cuban people doing something fun.

"@TheRealHavanaClub and @CenterForFreeCuba is making a way for YOU to help the people of Cuba 🇨🇺. Head into the following local Cuban-owned bar/restaurant (& others joining the cause) starting today and order a Cuba Libre for a FREE CUBA with all proceeds from the sales going back to the organization with Bacardi on behalf of Havana Club matching donation up to $10,000."

More links to follow. Know more we should post? Let us know.