We’ve provided auto transport services to and from Canada for some time now.  The goal when deciding to offer this type of auto shipping was simple. It had to be safe, affordable, easy, and the process had to meet the our high standards of quality and service. Moving a vehicle to or from Canada has a lot of moving parts. National Express has managed to provide package pricing with transport to or from anywhere in Canada, to or from anywhere in the U.S.


Canada Auto Transport – Upfront and Simple


When searching on how to ship a vehicle to or from Canada, there’s a bunch of information out there. Some of it inaccurate, and one article we found plain tells you to stay away from doing it unless you absolutely must. But that isn’t the case. Not only are there absolutely no hidden fees to ship a vehicle to or from Canada with our company, we have a customs agent contact you to assure you know not only so you know exactly what you are spending on shipping, but what all the fees are down to the penny for import. Where else can you get that kind of service? We pick it up, cross the border, and deliver right to your door. Many of our customers have mentioned that before coming to us, the process seemed very hard and intimidating but turned out to be simple and easy to understand. We’ve also heard how some others’ pricing was astronomical. Transporting a vehicle to or from Canada doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. For exact details and more information go to our Canada Auto Transport Page


Shipping Vehicles to or From Canada – Worth It?


Many times it’s because of a move or relocation. If your vehicle is in good condition and don’t want to start over with a new one then it may be. Our customers have bought cars online which are classics or collectables that can only be found across the border. We have done that several times this year. Customers have found it affordable and useful to do so.. It’s just about knowing where to look and who to trust will do it right.

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