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ShipIt Transport has been providing providing online quotes since 1995 according to their website.  When you enter you will notice you can get "up to ten quotes" by entering some information.

Since they are a referral service / lead provider, they are not a licensed auto shipper. What this simply means is that they advertise online to gather information to resell to broker companies.  The advantage of this will be that the quotes come to you.  Conversely, some may expect the quotes to appear on the screen.  The way it will work with most referral services will be that your information will be forwarded to brokers purchasing what is called a "lead".

These leads range in price depending on exclusivity, however you may expect to be reached out by 10 ore more individual companies trying to gain your business.  At the time of this listing we attempted to find their privacy policy, however the link appears to lead back to the home page so it is unclear as to the specifics.

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Not Licensed or Bonded
Multiple Incoming Calls / Emails / Texts
Open 24 Hours
Multiple Incoming Quotes 10+
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