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POV’s are considered privately owned vehicles and the term normally refers to auto transport for military service men and women as well as civilian employees. In many case these vehicles are authorized to be transported at the government’s expense.

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In many cases, military personnel use International Auto Logistics (PCSmyPOV) which is a special purpose company that handles automotive transportation and logistics services to the U.S. Government. You may have already looked into working with your nearest vehicle processing center (VPC) in your duty station to make arrangements but are also looking for private / direct vehicle transport options.


Hiring an Auto Transport Company Directly


In some cases, you can hire a private company like National Express to ship your vehicle. This is considered “Personally Procured Transportation”. We see that with civilian government employees. Attachment K3 mentions that only civilians employed by the government can use Personally Procured Transportation at the government’s expense.

If you do have to pay to move your own vehicles, many cases it’s for a second vehicle, one that the will not be sent at the government’s expense. However, you can always verify if your orders/ situation falls within certain exceptions. Regardless, National Express provides discounts to Military to assist in your auto transport  in these cases will be more than happy to assist you in arranging POV Transport. Please be sure to clear it with your VPC.


Military POV Discounts


With National Express you get a great rate you deserve. It’s because of all the work you put in for your country. Some are deployed far away from loved ones, spouses,  and children. For this sacrifice we are proud to give priority for those protecting our country. If your POV is not covered by the government, we will gladly offer you discounts. Inquire by calling 800-284-7177 today.