Ship My Car or Rent One? - Long Term Stay

Deciding whether to ship a car or rent one if you are a snowbird, seasonal traveler, in a long-term stay is a decision that depends on your situation. In most cases daily rental costs can pile up vs. just paying to ship your car to your location.

However, it's not always that cut and dry and there could be other factors in play that determine this for you.

One of the main considerations is the where your seasonal or long tern stay is, If you are temporarily relocating a short distance between states, shipping your car may be a more convenient and cost-effective option no matter what. On the other hand if you are traveling across the country, car shipping costs can be a little higher if not staying over a month. So, it's good to get a price for both

Regardless, shipping your car can also save you time and energy, as you won't have to worry about renting a car yourself. Arrive to your long-term stay in a relaxed way!

Evaluate the Cost to Ship a Car Instead of Renting a Car There

As mentioned, a factor is to consider is the cost of each option. Shipping a car can be much cheaper than renting one regardless of distance, especially if you're staying for months at a time. However, if you're traveling a short time, usually less than a month then it may not save you much. You should compare the costs of shipping versus renting a car and consider the benefits of each option in relation to your budget.

Consider Your Timeline for Your Arrival and When You Need the Car

The timeline of your move is also an important consideration. Car shipping companies can take days to deliver, depending on the distance and the auto the route and the schedule. If you need your car at your destination as soon as possible, renting a car may be a better option for you. Renting a car allows you to have immediate access to a vehicle, and you can return it when you're finished with it.

It's All About Your Needs

Finally, you should consider your specific needs when deciding between using an auto transport company or renting a car. For example, if you have a large family or pets, renting a car may not be practical as full-length SUV's and vans are more expensive to rent. Shipping your car allows you to bring all your belongings, including your pets, in the car.

Final Thoughts

The decision to ship or rent a car depends on several factors, including distance, cost, timeline, and your specific needs. It's important to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each option and choose the one that best suits your needs and budget.

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