Rhode Island Ship Your Vehicle To, From and Within Rhode Island


Nestled between Connecticut and Massachusetts,  Rhode Island auto transport is made possible because of its proximity to Boston and Hartford, where we see the most auto shipping occur in the area.  On the new is New Haven and then the state of New York. This area represents the Snowbird epicenter if you will, and we run vehicles up and down, specifically from Rhode Island to states like Florida and back, seasonally.

Rhode Island Auto Transport

But that’s not all that we do. We handle moves / relocations all the time.  Rhode Island is home to several beaches, great food, schools, sports, and much more. They is also a very balanced mix of culture and ethnicity making a rich landscape to live with a variety of different people from everywhere. It attracts mostly individuals in finance and business.

Those leaving Rhode Island aren’t left without car shipping services.  Other states nearby offer plenty of reasons to change scenery. Plus with auto transport traffic being as high as it is, it’s easy to move your car and not have it break the bank. 


Why it Ship your Car to or from Rhode Island 


For seasonal visitors, it’s must. Driving up and down is time consuming and depending on what time of year, can actually cost more if you factor food, hotel, and fuel. Also take into account the miles added further devaluing your vehicle. Shiping is easy thanks to as I-95 runs through Rhode Island. Right through Providence actually which is where we see the most action. Then there is the I-295 and I-195 too.

Reach us at 1-800-284-7177 and get a solid, guaranteed rate today from NEAT. It’s really a great, safe, and inexpensive way to ship your car to where you need it to be.



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