Puerto Rico Vehicle Concierge and Delivery

National Express now has the addition of our concierge service for your vehicle. Our agents in PR will pick up your vehicle as well as get it registered and titled. They will then bring it to you directly to any location you request on the island. Other companies only offer door to port service alone. But with National Express you can add this additional package to your transport so you don’t have to worry about a single thing!

Concierge service for cars going to Puerto Rico

What Does the Concierge Service Do?

We begin by walking you through the process of paying your import tax online, step by step. This is the only part of the process you have to do yourself, as we cannot collect the import taxes for you. Once the taxes are paid, we go to the port of San Juan to pick up your vehicle. At this point the concierge fee includes everything else needed to deliver the vehicle right to you. That includes all the motor vehicle paperwork such as title and registration. From there we make an appointment to bring you the vehicle. Once you have inspected the vehicle at delivery and take the keys, the service has been completed.

Why and When Should the Service Be Used?

Although we make at as easy as possible for you to ship and pick up your vehicle, there are several steps everyone needs to take in order to get their vehicle. This includes going to the port, waiting for the clerk to attend to you so you can pay the remaining portion of the ocean-bound transport, and wait for them to assist you in paying the import tax. From there it’s go to register the vehicle and wait for more assistance. This process can take time, especially if you are new to the country and even harder if you speak little to no Spanish.

Just about every auto shipper uses the same format without any other options. They pick up your vehicle at your door, but do not offer an option to have the car delivered to your home or business in Puerto Rico. But we do!

Concierge Rates – How Much Does it Cost?

Our rate is a single all-inclusive rate. As mentioned we do everything, including the registering of the vehicle and title with the Puerto Rican department of motor vehicles. The costs to register your vehicle and title it are all bundled into the rate.

The cost is *$675.00-$925 for all vehicles depending on distance from San Juan. Shipping more than one? Get $50.00 off the second vehicle. (Must ship together).

What Languages Do They Speak?

Our concierge agents are well spoken in both Spanish and English for your convenience. They will be courteous and efficient at providing you top notch services for your money.

What Documentation Do I Need?

You’ll need a copy of your Driver’s License and title. If you have an endorsed title from a recent unregistered purchase gift, you’ll need to send us the bill of sale / vehicle transfer and reassignment form. We have a bill of sale that can also be used for gifting in our resources section. Bill of sale should be notarized to expedite the verification process. Keep them with you and don’t leave them in the vehicle! A courier may need to meet you prior to pickup to gather originals if required for your pickup.

Ready to put the Puerto Rico concierge service to work for you? Call us today.

*fee includes delivery as a “drive-away” OR carrier service depending on the distance from San Juan. For example, destinations on the east side of the island will require a car carrier to deliver.

If you do not want drive away service for vehicles delivered close to San Juan, a custom quote is required for you to guarantee you receive your vehicle on a carrier.Vieques customers must meet the fairy at mainland.