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Whether you are moving from another state to Ohio or from one far city to another within Ohio, it is always tempting to drive your car. Usually, this is not a good idea because there are many contingencies that could arise. Some of the problems that you may encounter include; harsh weather conditions, accidents or even breakdowns that could derail your journey.

Ohio Auto Transport

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Dearborn, MIPowell, OH$385
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Thomson, GACincinnati, OH$610
North Las Vegas, NVBowling Green, OH$1175
Rancho Cucamonga, CACircleville, OH$1165
Cincinnati, OHLas Vegas, NV$1240
You can always avoid this stress by hiring the services of a professional Ohio auto shipping company that will provide quality auto shipping at reasonable rates. The following are benefits hiring an auto shipping company in Ohio.

You Save Money Hard Earned Money

Using a car transport company to move your car in Ohio will save you a lot of money. Some of the cost that you will cut down while using a car transport company is that of fuel, hotels, foon on the road, and extra wear and tear. Transporters shipt several cars to the same destination at once. This therefore means the cost that you would have paid for fuel will be shared among the customers. The benefits will therefore be transferred to you and you will pay less and hence make savings for using a car transport service provider. Always pick one that includes all fees and does not charge up front.


Shipping a Car is the Safest Option

There is always a likelihood of damaging your new car when you drive it for the first time from the showroom. This is mostly the case in the rugged southeastern quadrant of Ohio. It is then a pretty decent idea to hire a car transport company to help you take your car home safely. Transport companies like ours transport the cars in well mainained car carriers and for those wanting extra safety, enclosed trucks. Since it takes quite a bit to stop a 40,000 lb truck, it’s very unlikely to be damage due to accidents on the road. 
In addition to the safety, auto transport offers security to the car owners since they have insurance policies that cover the repair costs for damages in case they occur.

Definite Time Saver

Don’t we all like time being on our side? Driving from one city to another in Ohio or out of Ohio would take several hours or even days; time which could have been used on some other things. This would also mean adding mileage to your car hence reducing its resale value. 
Getting a car moving company to help you move your car in Ohio will save you this time. Not to mention the car’s resale value will still remain the same.

If you are to realize these benefits, you must first ensure you choose the best car moving company in Ohio. Even though all auto shipping companies will move your car to your preferred destination, choosing the best company will save you the stress of delays.


Fast and Professional Services in Columbus


Columbus, which was named after Christopher Columbus is one of the best cities in Ohio to ship cars to or from. The demand for Columbus to have auto transport is intermediate based on location and population in general, however.

Columbus Auto Transport
In most cases, it would take from no more than 7 days, but as quickly as next day depending on what carriers we have in the area . This variation is mainly due to the differences in geographical locations as well as connections of highways and roads to the specific area that you want to get the vehicle to. But if you are in a rush for example, expedited pricing would be a good option as it might make a significant reduction in the waiting time to less than half, maybe sooner. The carriers providing transport will deviate and drive farther for a higher paying car.

Columbus works as a central hub that connects its surrounding cities. It is bisected by 2 major interstate highways: I71 – running southwest to north and I70 – running west to east. Thus, it just takes at most a couple of hours to other major cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, as well as Pittsburgh. This makes it much easier and faster now than ever before to ship your car to Columbus with the least waiting time. In addition, moving around the inner city is facilitated thanks to the 270 and other freeways, such as the 16, 23, 33, 30, 14, and 161, so common problems in other populous cities like traffic jams, vehicle accidents or crowded roads are hardly found in this city. Therefore, car shipping to Columbus will be more of distance and proximity to other populated areas rather than fuel and time costs from congestion.

Due to a diverse and strong economy based on banking, insurance, education, logistics, and fashion, as well as an ideal location which is right in the middle of Ohio, it is good place to ship cars to and from.

Ranked as one of the most highly educated cities in the country, Columbus is home to a wide variety of large higher education institutions in the US, including Columbus State Community College and Ohio State University (which accommodates nearly 50,000 students). Therefore, the demands or shipping in this city will rise quickly in the spring when those students come back to school after the holiday, and in the fall when they start a new semester. Another reason accounting for the increase in car shipping services is that there are several well-known baseball, basketball, and basketball teams in Ohio such as Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals or Cleveland Indians. And when a competition or new season begins, a flock of avid supporters just want to make sure that they can enjoy each game of their team. That is where a car shipping service comes and helps them.

Looking for auto transport to or from Columbus? Call today 800-284-7177 or use our car shipping calculator to get a rate that’s direct, with no hidden fees, and door to door.

Columbus, OH

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