This is a common concern. Many times we are asked if we offer non stop auto transport or if we switch carriers. The good news is that we only offer direct service without stopping or unloading your vehicle at any yards and depots, nor do we switch trucks while the vehicle is traveling to its destination. Nobody wants their vehicle being loaded and unloaded several times risking damage. Or sitting in some old and dusty yard waiting to get moved. Certain auto transport companies will pick up a vehicle with one carrier drop it in the yard, wait for their trucks to fill up and then stop again to the switch to another truck going elsewhere.

All transport with National Express is done with one carrier and we don’t stop at any yards or depots. We only offer non stop auto transport, direct with one carrier. Your vehicle travel on one carrier continuously for the duration it is on the road. The same carrier and driver that picked up your vehicle will be the same one that delivers it.


How to know if your Auto Transport Will Be With One Carrier and Non Stop


The average truck can travel 300-500 miles a day. So if your vehicle is traveling 1500 miles and it will take 4 days, then that means it will not be stopping anywhere and unloaded. If the estimate is 10 days or even a week, then ask about that with who you are booking with. It should not take that long at all and a sure sign that this would be the method being used.




Interestingly enough, the misconceptions having to do with brokers versus carriers, have many thinking that it’s always better to go direct with a carrier even if that means there will be less available trucks to work with and and limitations as to where they go. In reality, these bottlenecks and switching of trucks happens more with direct carriers because of those limitations.  They need to fill their trucks and that means others like yourself need to help them fill up a truck with up to 10 vehicles. That means they have to reach 10 customers that want to ship their vehicles from the same area you are at, to where you are going. Kind of a tall order for one trucker to pull off. But when one company has access to over 5,000 carriers?  There will be a truck going to where you need it to , when you need it.


Exceptions to the Rule


The only exceptions where it will not be non stop or direct with the same carrier will be if there is a mechanical failure with the truck and we need to send a replacement to pick up the vehicles. In any situation where that would occur, you would be updated. Another would be cross border transport to Canada. The vehicle must be unloaded and stored in an authorized location to clear customs.  These would be the only exceptions to your transport being non stop, with one carrier.


Unloading and Loading during Non Stop Auto Transport


With non stop auto transport using the same carrier and driver delivering your vehicle, there may be times a vehicle may need to come off the trailer and put back. For example, if a carrier picked up a vehicle that is being delivered before yours, and yours was loaded afterwards, then the carrier will have to unload you to get to the other vehicle.  This is normal and although they plan as well as possible, there are times that all situations can be totally planned out to have the vehicles in order.