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Many people relocate and ship their cars to Nevada for personal and professional reasons, and they prefer to transport their vehicle to the new city , instead of selling their old vehicle and purchasing a new one. Shipping their car to a new city is cheaper and less time consuming. Additionally there are many people who visit the western state of Nevada for longer periods of time, and prefer to use their own vehicle for travel within the state, as it is more convenient because it saves money on renting a car. Since driving a car for long distances is very tiring, many families and individuals prefer to hire an auto transport company to safely transport the car to Nevada

Nevada Auto Transport

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Las Vegas, NVSnowflake, AZ$910
Carson City, NVBend, OR$915
Pahrump, NVSherwood, ND$12125
Pahrump, NVSherwood, ND$11075
Bullhead City, AZHenderson, NV$505
Granger, IALas Vegas, NV$1210
Las Vegas, NVColorado Springs, CO$710
Las Vegas, NVNaples, FL$1285
Las Vegas, NVColorado Springs, CO$710
Pompano Beach, FLLas Vegas, NV$1825
If you are making the move or visiting Nevada, you can use the auto transport instant car shipping calculator, which is available for free online. You only provide the zip code for the origin and destination, the number of vehicles, type and model number of vehicles, whether the vehicle is in running condition or not, whether enclosed or open vehicle mode of transport will be required, and an email. Within seconds, a free quote for the auto shipping. No personal details like name, phone are required for getting a quote using the shipping calculator, and it is very useful for car owners to estimate the amount that they will have to pay for vehicle transportation.

Many of those who are planning to ship their vehicle to Nevada are visiting Las Vegas, one of the most popular entertainment destinations in the United States. Increasingly Las Vegas is becoming popular with entire families and compared to other places in Nevada, so it is easier and quicker to transport a vehicle to Las Vegas. There are a large number of tourists and other visitors to Las Vegas from other places in the United States who prefer to drive their own vehicle there as well.

However those who wish to transport their vehicle to other parts of the Nevada, including Reno, may find that they will have to wait for a slightly longer period of time to receive their vehicle from the transporter, as there is relatively less demand for car shipping in other places within that state. In some cases, it is preferable to get the vehicle shipped to Las Vegas, and then drive the car to other locations. Tourists who have their own vehicle, should be aware that there is a lot of traffic in Las Vegas, and driving can be challenging as a large number of visitors from all over the world flock to the city to enjoy the casinos, entertainment shows. 

Visitors can avoid the traffic in congested areas by going to visit the small towns in the vicinity which offer delicious food as well as gift items. They can also explore the natural beauty of the desert state of Nevada.

It is always advisable to spend some time, to find out the various options for auto shipping, compare the rates offered, and then take a decision to get the best possible price for transporting the vehicle. Tourists and those relocating to Nevada are also advised to check the website of the department of transportation of Nevada, to be updated with the local rules and regulations.

Department of transportation of Nevada
Official government website for Nevada
University Of Reno Nevada


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The time and cost to transport a vehicle depends to some extent on the population of the destination town and its location. Since Henderson is close to the city of Las Vegas it will be easier to find an auto transport company, as there are residents entering and leaving the city constantly.

Henderson Auto Transport
Carriers that are moving vehicles from the western states like California will usually take the interstate freeway I-15 which passes through the southern part of the Nevada and passes through Las Vegas for delivery of vehicles to Henderson. However, it will take more time for vehicles being transported from the eastern states to reach their destination in Henderson, because there is no direct route to the city. The auto shipping firm will take the interstate freeway I-40 to Kingman in Arizona, and then drive more than 100 miles south to Las Vegas area.

The city of Las Vegas has a population of two million so many auto carriers will travel through the city as they usually have two or three trucks for dropping off or picking up for transport. Henderson being so close is helped by the big city’s demand. So these carriers will also drop vehicles here, as it is located in the south east part of the las vegas metropolitan area and has a population of 293,000.

Henderson is considered one of the safest cities in the United states, and is ranked among the top five in many surveys which have been conducted. So many families are relocating to the city for personal reasons like low crime rates. Most people will be looking for a reliable and affordable auto shipping company to transport their vehicle quickly to Nevada, and can estimate the cost of transporting their vehicle easily with the help of our car shipping calculator. You only have to provide the vehicle details, origin and destination details and a free quote will be provided immediately.

The city of Henderson in Nevada is part of the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, and was founded in 1941 during the second world war with the construction of a magnesium plant. It is the second largest city in the state of Nevada and is located 16 miles from the city of Las Vegas, one of the top tourist and entertainment destinations in the United States. This makes it convenient to live in Henderson as it is cheaper compared to the city of Las Vegas .So a large number of people from all over the United States are relocating to Henderson NV for personal and professional reasons and will be looking for a suitable auto transport firm to ship their vehicle from their home state to the city.

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