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That’s where most begin. “Can I move my car?” or “Is there a moving company for my car?”.  Everyone sees these big trucks on the road, but tend to think that they are moving used cars to a dealer, or new cars from the factory. That’s not the case at all. Far more auto transport occurs for private individuals on big carriers because it makes for  cheap car shipping. So companies like ours only move a fraction of the vehicles for dealers and auctions. You can ship a car direct with National Express!

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Moving a Car on a Carrier


These trucks are taking personal vehicles. People like you.  You’ll notice that several of the vehicles have license plates from all over the country. That’s because there are people moving, seasonal shippers like snowbirds, all are having cars shipped to and from different places. It is the cheapest way to ship a car.



Moving a Car on a Carrier

 These trucks are taking personal vehicles. People like you.  You’ll notice that several of the vehicles have license plates from all over the country. That’s because there are people moving, seasonal shippers like snowbirds, all are having cars shipped to and from different places. It is the cheapest way to ship a car.  

Enclosed (Covered Transport) Carriers for Added Protection


There are many times moving or shipping a car is more complicated because it’s a rare vehicle, has an open roof, a collector car, etc. In these cases you are not left out. We can provide enclosed services such as the carrier pictured here. These are some of the features you can expect on an enclosed carrier.  

How Do I Get Started?


Your first step is to get a quote. This will let you know exactly what it will cost.  Our prices are very competitive, and you will always get the best possible rate to move your car.. For immediate service, call 800-284-7177 and we’ll give you the price over the phone.  Let’s find out if auto transport is right for you.  It truly is affordable and you will alleviate yourself from having to drive  your vehicle.

Tip: After you complete this section, we recommend you also visit our FAQ and Auto Shipping Tips to get even more information on shipping a car.

As long as we have at least a week notice, we can pick up and move your car usually no later than 24 hours from your preferred date. If there is a flight involved for example, then you should definitely leave a 24 hour window for pick-up.   Why? Since this is not like sending something via mail or UPS/Fedex, there are limitations. Unlike companies that move packages, there aren’t 100’s of trucks all over town that can pick up a package if one gets delayed.  No auto shipping company has that. So let’s say the truck has a flat, or one of the cars ends up having a dead battery, or let’s say a car on the trailer has a mechanical issue.  We’d be delayed in delivery for that vehicle and the subsequent cars on the trailer that were to be delivered or picked up after while we work around that.  Other companies like that hide that, but that’s only frustration for you. Look up reviews! You can bet on customers voicing themselves if they did not get proper service.  Make sure you read about Auto Transport Scams to get a grip on all the shady practices some companies have.


Other Basics


Everything should be planned ahead so it all goes smoothly.

1. Have a list of all the things you need for the transport as early as possible so you can make sure you time to be prepared. Make sure one of those is steps to contact us at least two weeks prior to the time you need us to transport your car so we can do the pick-up on the date you like. Take time to think and figure out what is more important to you. Is it more important that we come and move your car on one of the last remaining days you were in town? Or do you want the vehicle to arrive as close to your arrival date as possible?

2. Sometimes we can forget what seems like the small things. Remember to contact the U.S. Postal Service website so that you can update your mailing address. There are many times identity theft can occur by not updating your mailing address so all mail in your name goes to your new location.

3. plan ahead by finding your local driver license office. By doing so, you can schedule appointment and update your drivers license without waiting long lines.

4. Have your vehicle ready to be inspected by the driver when he arrives. The best way to do that is they have the exterior clean. Having it clean allows the driver to make sure he takes note of any marks or dings (although rare) that may have occurred. That inspection report is your claim to insurance should you need to have us file one.

5. Do not over-pack your car with items.

Do Not Over Pack
Proper Packing for Auto Transport
This is one of the most common situations in car transport. It makes sense doesn’t it? You should be able to pack things in your car since it’s not being driven at all.It’s just sitting on a carrier been moved from one place to another.Unfortunately, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Department of Transportation says no. The reason is simple. That has to do all with the licensing. Auto carriers are only approved to move autos. Other items, like appliances, kitchen items, those are all considered household goods. Those are prohibited. However, there can be a 100 pounds of”personal items” confined to the trunk area can be placed in the vehicle.6. Remember to not to leave your vehicle packed overnight outside. This really applies to hatchbacks and SUVs where you can clearly see items in the rear of the car. As a general rule, you should try to cover or items in hatchbacks and SUVs as much as possible. It’s required by law for the truckers to stop and take breaks, and they usually do so at truck stops. There are individuals who take advantage of these situations especially with car transporters to take items. So, make sure whatever you put in your car is not valuable and well hidden. Remember, items in the car taken which do not belong to the vehicle itself are not covered by insurance.7.  We have a lot more flexibility in our schedules then the airlines do. So, it’s advisable to plan your flight before setting up your auto transport service. We can then tailor the service around your arrival or departure date as you prefer. Check the National Weather Service for advisories to avoid arriving or leaving in bad weather.8. With National Express Auto Transport, you never pay the full amount of your auto shipping until the vehicle arrives at its final destination. That means, you can order with confidence knowing that you do not pay for the services until your vehicle is being delivered in front of you. That final payment, it is submitted in the form of cash, cashiers check, certified check, money order, or cash. The driver will conduct a final inspection of the vehicle and handover the keys to you once it is unloaded.Please check our FAQ for the rest of our helpful information. You can also read up on How Auto Transport Works.


Don’t take a risk. We do everything in writing upon ordering. We send you a written authorization and price agreement. It’s the National Express Price Guarantee! Read More