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Shipping cars to and from in and out of Minnesota can be a bit tricky. This is mainly because, car shipping companies are concentrated in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, where most of the state’s population (about three fifth) reside. They serve as the two best cities when seeking for car shipping companies. Companies in these two will deliver very fast, and their rates are very competitive.

Minnesota Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Turtle Lake, WIMinneapolis, MN$345
Duluth, MNWinston-Salem, NC$1270
Maplewood, MNWestminster, CO$775
Maplewood, MNWestminster, CO$775
Anaheim, CADellwood, MN$1010
Maplewood, MNWestminster, CO$895
New Britain, CTLakeville, MN$1040
Rochester, MNGlendora, CA$1220
Minneapolis, MNRaleigh, NC$1010
St Paul, MNPrescott, AZ$1165
The rest of the state’s population is spread thinly across the other towns, and so this makes shipping of cars to these areas a bit hard.

The only interstates that cut through Minnesota are the I-35, I-90 and I-94. The I-94 runs south-east from Fargo through Saint Cloud, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Edina, Minnetonka, Blaine, and then goes east in to Wisconsin. While the I-35 begins north, from Duluth through Minneapolis. But still, Duluth is a difficult place to pick up cars, due its small population. Companies can hardly pick up 8-10 cars at once. I-90 connects the south with Iowa. I-90 passes through long stretches of “lonely places”. It’s hard for truckers to have any reasonable pick.

The western, middle and northern parts of Minnesota are very difficult to ship cars in a timely manner. These areas are very wide spread and hardly have many cars at any particular place moving to another area. So if you are in these areas or moving a car to these areas, you may have to seek for service in Minneapolis or be patient and wait for a driver to drive through your area.

If you live in Minnesota or want to relocate, you must keep these points in mind whenever you are seeking the service(s) of an auto transport company:

Insurance Verification

Any car transport company that is authentic should be able to provide on demand, documentation of insurance. If a car transport company refuses to provide documentation for insurance, it’s a clear red flag. And you should keep off such company.

Reviews and Testimonials

When you go through what customers have to say about a transport company, you will be able to discover how good or bad the company’s service is. And this will give you a clear idea of your level of satisfaction, when you decide to use their service. It’s very important you check any company’s testimonials.

Shop Pricing Around

Yup, we are saying it. We want you to. When contacting the various transport companies, it’s important to be aware that there are not too many transport carriers available in Minnesota, and so you may want to seek the services of larger companies that are outside of the state with a large network of carriers under their belt.For example, we have a network. And it’s been researched and built over time. Either way, always do thorough research to know your best options.

Check Rates and Make Sure Pricing is Guaranteed

Always look out for a surcharge or hidden costs. Our contracts are all inclusive, but believe it or not most aren’t. Some have loopholes saying they can inrease price if they ahve to and you accept this increase.You then have to decide want to pay for the surcharge if you weigh all your available options, and can’t find any other company when it may be too late.

You have very limited options when shipping cars to and from Minnesota because of the uneven population spread, and limited access to interstate highways. Your best bet is to seek services from the two big cities Minneapolis and St. Paul if you are in a hurry. The carrier may have a terminal there for pickup.

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Reliable and Fast in Minneapolis


This city is relatively easy because of the presence of multiple interstate freeway systems making Minneapolis auto transport less expensive than other less populated areas of Minnesota. It has interstate access to and from Des Moines, Iowa, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and several major cities in North Dakota and South Dakota. With excellent road conditions, it becomes easier for transport services to ship vehicles regardless of model and make.

Minneapolis Auto Transport
Owners are also assured that their vehicles are in good hands as the drivers of these carriers have years of experience on the road. As a rule, we do not ship with carriers that have had lapses of insurance, have unreliable service records, or industry complaints. There is a rigorous process of filtering the drivers included on the network of service providers. Since they are required by the DOT and FMCSA, to deliver their cargo, car shipping carriers provide insurance coverage to both the carrier and the cargo onboard to assure the safe arrival of the vehicles they are transporting.

Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota. It is one of the Twin Cities in the state, the other being Saint Paul. Being part of the state that is commonly referred to as the Land of 10,000 Lakes’, Minnesota in itself is abundantly rich in water.

Minneapolis, MN lies on the banks of the great Mississippi River and it has 13 lakes, wetlands, creeks, and waterfalls. The name Minneapolis is a fitting description of the city because of its bodies of water found in the region. The name did come by hapinstance, as the “Mni” is a Sioux word that means water, while “polis” is the Greek word for city. Now you know where “Metropolis” comes form in the comic books! It was Charles Hoag, the city’s first schoolmaster who combined the words to create the name of the large city in Minnesota.

The metropolitan area was once branded as the hub for timber and the world’s flour milling capital. With modernization and commercialization, the metropolis has changed its landscape to become the
primary business center between the cities of Chicago and Seattle. Categorized as a global city, Minneapolis, MN continues to serve as a hub to a substantial number of Fortune 500 companies. In fact, the metropolis is listed as having America’s tenth-highest concentration of these businesses within its area.

Minneapolis, MN has a land area of 54.9 sq miles and the majority of the residents drive cars. There are car owners who make use of the services of dealerships that are in another state or they get
to purchase their car from a private party online. In this case, they need to have their vehicles transported to their location.

The transit of vehicles across the United States is made easier by working with a qualified auto transport company. There are hundreds of companies both who are actual transporters and other who are broker referral services. Always go with an actual auto transport company that has proven reviews.

The cost of shipping a vehicle is reliant on several factors, including the distance from the originating city to the destination city, the type of vehicle being transported, whether the vehicle is in running condition or not, and if it’s an open or an enclosed transportation that’s needed. The cost calculator also has other factors included in the algorithm of our computation to make the rates more reliable and cost-effective.

Need to ship your car in or out of Minneapolis? Call 800-284-7177 or use our handy car shipping calculator to get an instant rate today.

Minneapolis, MN

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