Military Auto Transport

We take care our Military customers. Our freedom to run this very business is assured by the protection our service men give this country, so how can we not reserve the highest standards for our men in women risking their lives for these freedoms we hold dear. National Express Auto Transport offers a military discount to you. It’s not only a discount, but a special service that is just for you.

Military Auto Transport Service

We work around you.

We know the complications of being active military. It’s not a regular job. You can’t clock out to go meet us at the gate of your base to get your car. We know that in almost all cases we cannot enter the base. That’s why we help you  by meeting you at the nearest location off base on your schedule in those situations. Same with pick-up.  You can also designate family, friends, or colleagues to release and accept your vehicle by adding them to our authorization form.  Whatever the case, your military auto transport will be taken seriously and we will put our best foot forward for you.

We know there are those that want to claim the military car transport discount that are not actually in the service. That’s why we humbly request a copy of  a valid military identification to receive eligibility of this discount.

Veterans Welcome

You don’t have to be active duty. You will receive our forever discount. Veterans deserve the same as active duty, and we provide the same service and discounts for you as well.  Our military auto shipping is always door to door. We will make arrangements to meet you at your home or place of business. Like with active duty military, we request a  a valid military or veteran identification to apply your discount. This prevents those just claiming they are service men and women to get some money off their transport.

Things to Remember

Have the car, truck, or SUV clean if you can. This is very useful for the inspection because both you and the trucker can detect if even the slightest damage occurred while transporting.

Do not over pack your vehicle.

Do Not Over Pack
Proper Packing for Auto Transport

Even though it makes sense to pack the car with things since it’s just sitting on a car carrier, the reality is the opposite. The problem herein resides with the rules of the Department of Transportation and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These trucks have license and permits to move autos only, not household goods. However, a small amount of personal items can be stored in the trunk or rear area of your vehicle as long it is not in excess of 100 lbs.

Remember that payment is C.O.D., (Cash or certified funds at delivery). We do not require you to pay your balance until delivery. At the time the vehicle is delivered, we will do a second inspection and compare it to the one signed at delivery. If there is any damage, the two inspection reports must be turned in to file a claim.

Please check our FAQ for the rest of our helpful information. You can also read up on How Auto Transport Works.


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