Medical Van Shipping / Ambulance Auto Transport

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We specialize in Medical Van Transport

These could be Handicap Vans, Ambulance Vans, or Medical Vans. These are characterized by certain features that make them hard to ship for some companies. They usually have a 2 foot pop-top. (The fiberglass shell that makes space to stand or can also house lights and sirens). They are also extended length in many cases. Additionally they can have ladders, ramps and other equipment that can be damaged if taken on the wrong carrier. So t's always a great idea to work with a transporter that handles these complications with experience.These moves can also easily be misquoted. This may have already happened if you are a builder trying out a new shipper. You may get quoted a price only to find out that the rate was much higher after already loosing days while an inexperienced broker company waits for a trucker to accept that price. If you need information on how the process of transport works to put this into context, then we have a great link on our site about the process.

Why is This Type of Auto Transport Different?

The auto shipping rate for these types of vans is usually higher than a standard van. Transport is calculated by overall size and weight. So a carrier being loaded can charge less for compact cars as the carrier can hold more of those, passing the savings down to the shipper because on a full size 50 foot carrier, they can load a full 10 cars. But if you mix SUV's, large sedans, the numbers go down. Also the pop-tops on medical vans make it so they can't ride on a large two story carrier. They need to be on smaller carriers because of height. They take up more space and can't load as many vehicles. This means that moving medical vans is more expensive as a result.

Why National Express Can Help

We have the network. Since we have various clients that use us for this type transport. Our extensive experience in moving large vehicles such as these medical and handicap vans. We're always just a call away or use our car shipping calculator to get a solid rate to move your van.