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We provide car shipping for all Mazda models here at National Express.  Listed are most of their popular models and current vehicles. Don’t see yours? It’s ok, we can ship it. We are providing this page as a reference about Mazda and how we transport them. Remember, all our services are door-to-door with no hidden fees or costs. Fully insured, safe, secure, and professional auto transport.
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Although many might I think so, Mazda has been around since the 1920s. However they weren’t always known by that name. They used to be a company that was dedicated to making machinery and different kinds of parts. Later on, they began making motorcycles and other automobiles. Mazda is most famous for their development of the rotary engine. A German engineer named Wankel created it. It would be licensed to a variety of companies. From plane manufacturers to automakers.  At the time it was believed to be the future of the company and they were pretty close in assuming that. The Cosmo Sport was the first vehicle they produced with the rotary engine in the 1960s. Variations came and went and finally the most popular rotary model known to most is the RX-7 and RX8 vehicles. We have transported quite a few of those. The rotary engine is very powerful, compact and lightweight. However, it is highly inefficient compared to other engines produced today. This had somewhat to do with the drop from production in 2012 with the last RX model being built. For over 30 years, Ford owned a large stake in this automaker, and several vehicles being produced are variations of their models. For example the Mazda3 resembles the Focus and happens to be the most popular one we transport. The CX-3 looks a lot like the Escape. This is because they are based on the same platforms. It’s no surprise since they are very popular. Nowadays, Mazda has become an independent company again and it is likely upcoming models will no longer be based on those other vehicles.

National Express is proud to provide auto transport for Mazda owners. We hope you have enjoyed reading this bit of automotive history and learning how we transport them. Call today, 800-284-7177 or request a your guaranteed auto transport rate using our form.

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