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Massachusetts is one of the most popular states we provide services to and from. The majority of the traffic we see coming through our Massachusetts auto transport routes are our snowbirds leaving and returning on a seasonal basis. Because of the route has been made popular by these seasonal customers, there are several carriers at any given time during the year coming from Massachusetts to the southern states, such as Florida (and back) regularly. This is beneficial to anyone plans to relocate to or from the state because of the abundance of trucks there are available to ship vehicles anywhere. Especially to the south.

Massachusetts Auto Transport

Recent Orders:

Tamarac, FLBraintree, MA$740
Haines City, FLLynn, MA$765
Frederick, MDShrewsbury, MA$530
Miami, FLChicopee, MA$740
Longwood, FLSherborn, MA$790
New Bedford, MAAllentown, PA$485
Lugoff, SCBoston, MA$690
Tewksbury, MAJacksonville, NC$780
New York, NYWeymouth, MA$405
Clearwater, FLRaynham, MA$780

Seasonal Auto Transport – Snowbirds


Although Massachusetts can get as warm as 80+° in the summer, leaving during the bitter winters has been a tradition that has spread for decades. If you are one of our seasonal shippers and have never transported your car to the south before and flown down, you will never go back. Unless you enjoy making the drive, most will continue to use Massachusetts auto transport services to bring their vehicles up and down regularly. Many keep residency primarily in Florida for the tax breaks while being able to remain with friends and family in their home state up north.


 Permanent Relocations / Auto Transport – Moving to Massachusetts


We ship vehicles using our Massachusetts auto transport services for permanent moves and job relocations as well. The average income statewide is $66,000. And if you work in business, sales and finance sector, or construction/engineering and computer services, there are plenty of careers waiting for you. Not to mention all the auto transport jobs. There are several of our carriers that reside in MA. These three occupations account for 54 percent of all the available jobs. The sales tax rate amounts to 6.25 percent so but some products don’t even get taxed in MA. We see many of our customers make the move to MA and ship their vehicles with our Massachusetts auto transport services to further themselves and save money on their move.  Several are also shipping cars there for school, and use our college auto transport services can make it so it’s even easier.


Reasons people Love Massachusetts


Massachusetts has a strong sporting culture from football, lacrosse to hockey and they are winning teams at that.. But aside from the fun, the unemployment rate is at a very low 6%s with loaded with jobs in the transport, financial, construction and technology sectors. The fact that sales tax does not exist for most products may be an added factor. The wide range of Ivy League colleges in the Boston area and five colleges in western Massachusetts is an educational haven for scholars and researchers. so our college auto transport services for us are in very high demand as well.


Reasons to leave Massachusetts



The high cost of housing, particularly in the Boston area force residents to make sacrifices in terms of quality of life which include a longer commute or smaller house. The winters also discourages people looking to stay there permanently as well so many leave to get to the warmer states.


State Links:

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Reliable Boston Auto Transport Services


Auto shipping is fast becoming widely available everywhere and turning into the preferred method of relocating over driving to and from the city of Boston. Be it after purchasing a car from another state, wanting to relocate with your car or even when delivering it to a client if you are from a dealership located miles away, Boston auto transport services are available more than ever.

Boston Auto Transport
Residents of Boston (especially snowbirds) who understand the advantages of shipping a car have found it an easy decision to choose auto shipping over driving their cars on their own. The following are some of the advantages of using a car shipping company in Boston:

Saves Time and Money

Using a car shipping company in Boston, Ma will save you the cost of fuel and gas. This is because an auto shipping company ships many cars at once divides the cost of the trip. You pay less than you would driving when you calculate gas, hotel, fuel and tolls. Therefore these benefits are transferred to the customer. This will also give you time to go enjoy taking a comfortable flight to and from.


Driving your car on your own exposes it to tear and wear and increases the mileage on it. It is also prone to accidents. Using an auto transport company will guarantee safety for your vehicle from any kind of damages. This is because such a company transports your vehicle while protected on the trailer to avoid damages by debris. They also offer insurance against any damages.

Peace of Mind

Being on the road several hours or even days is really stressful. Getting a car transporter to handle this job for you will give you peace of mind. Door to door delivery is available so you can know your car will arrive to your doorstep, thus will make it more convenient for you.

It is equally critical to understand how you can choose the best auto shipping company in Boston, Ma which will be beneficial to you. At National Express that’s the last thing you’ll need to worry about But when comparing, the following are some of the tips to go about it:

Check Licensing and Insurance

The DOT requires that all shipping companies be licensed and insured in order to operate in Boston, Ma. It is therefore critical to check that the company of your choice meets these requirements. An insured company will cover the cost of damages to your car in case they happen. A good company should be able to provide its Motor Vehicle Carrier number through its website. If in any doubt, you can always check for a company’s legitimacy by looking at reviews.

Ensure the Cancellation Policy is Clear

There are possibilities a car shipping company may fail to meet your dates or attempt to charge extra. To avoid falling victim of basd services, ensure the company you choose to transport your vehicle in Boston, Ma will not charge you anything until the vehicle is set to be picked up.

Check Reviews!

Your ideal auto transport company should have the experience and expertise to handle your car well. Ensure that the company has worked in Boston for a long time to be able to give you the right quote for the shipping. New companies usually have no clue of how to go about the business of shipping cars in Boston.Do research when weighing in on your available choices.

Always have a variety of choices to select from. From the choices, check on the customer reviews as well as the company records from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration site. This way you can be able to settle for the best company to do the shipping for you.

Ask About Options for Shipping

A good auto shipping company in Boston, Ma should be able to tell you the additional services it offers. These may include the parking and inspection services. You should be able to get answers concerning the time it takes to ship your car, whether they offer covered or open shipping and the kind of deliveries they make-is it door to door deliveries or picking from a terminal location.

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