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National express ships vehicles to and from Maryland regularly. Nestled next to Washington DC, Marilyn sees its share of auto transport traffic but less the neighboring areas. Still, because it’s on the way to various northeastern locations, pricing for Maryland auto transport is very good.

Maryland Auto Transport
Our Maryland carriers are extremely reliable. They use only up-to-date equipment to assure that you have your vehicle is moved safely and securely. Our great reviews back that up every time. As with all our auto transport services, there are no hidden fees, no bait and switch, and everything is in black and white. 

Who Uses our Maryland Auto Transport Services

 Most of the auto shipping traffic we see coming in and out of the state of Maryland is snowbird traffic. Customers leave the northeastern states to get away from the cold weather to enjoy the warmth of the winners in states like Florida. The warmest temperatures seen in the state are in the 80’s for short times during the year.The next group of customers we have that use our Maryland auto transport services are government workers. Maryland is a popular state for government jobs because of its proximity to DC. In fact a large percentage of the workforce is strictly government jobs. So we will be a part of several career and vehicle relocations a year because of that.Nearly all our auto transport orders are standard open carrier transport. Meaning it will be the two story style carriers you see coming in and out of dealerships all the time. Need to know more? Want to book today? We can help get you started and it’s always free to book since we do not charge any fees upfront. Call us today at 1-800-284-7177 or send us a message. You can also use our car shipping calculator to get started by getting your rate. 

Weather and Climate means Seasonal Auto Shipping to the South

 The average annual temperatures are at 58º and the warmest weather is recorded in the month of July, at between 85 and 89ºF, So it’s a relatively cold state, and a source of auto transport coming from “snow birds” that want to get out to warmer weather. During the winter we transport plenty of customers that will live in the south for 3-4 months, or until the cold subsides.  The minimum temperatures can vary across the state, with the mountainous regions of Garrett County dropping to below 15 and southern Maryland at 10 degrees. Winters are snowy and mild with January being the coldest month. Ocean City is significantly warmer than other regions throughout the year. 

Reasons for Using Auto Transport Services to Maryland

 Those moving and transporting their vehicle to Maryland find that it is a drive away from the nation’s capital, providing a good option for commuting to and from Washington D.C. So those seeking auto transport to move and reside in Maryland are usually in the government job sector. The landscape and weather also make it quite an attractive place for various activities. Lots of government work is available, therefore our auto transporters see plenty of military and government relocations. 

Reasons for Using Auto Transport Services from Maryland

 The taxes of Maryland are quite strenuous to small businesses and the cost of living and housing is quite expensive, especially when close to public means of transport. The weather may also be a factor. Snowbirds are usually retirees and are looking to leave the state for warmer climates to retire in, so some southern auto transport will be permanent. We see older empty-nesters and retirees seeking our Maryland auto transport services to move out of the state towards these warmer climates all the time. State – Official Website of the State of Maryland Maryland – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Visit Maryland | Official Site of State of Maryland Tourism

The Best and Most Reliable in Baltimore


Baltimore is the largest city in the American state of Maryland. The large population and its abundant work opportunities (predominantly in the government and government related work) has made it a great place to relocate to and earn secure employment. So, many are moving and having their cars transported to Baltimore as a result.

Baltimore Auto Transport
Many have also relocated to Baltimore for studies and teaching jobs at the John Hopkins university or for medical treatment at John Hopkins Hospital. It is always more convenient and cheaper for a person planning to stay in Baltimore to transport the vehicle to the city, rather than rent one or use the very limited public transport system. As Baltimore is one of the largest cities in the region, there are plenty of car carriers shipping cars in and out of the city and to other states. Prices are competitive, and availability is good.Highway I-70 which begins in Baltimore, there are other interstate highways like I-83 and I-95 passing through Baltimore which an auto transport company can use to ship vehicles from and to the city as required.As mentioned, there are many many secure jobs, many of them belong to people who relocate to the federal capital of Washington DC . So there are many auto shipping carriers who are transporting vehicles through Washington DC that can also ship the vehicle to Baltimore too. As Baltimore has a busy hub catering to the East coast and Midwestern region of the United states, there are also many auto carriers who will be transporting vehicles to and from other cities near Baltimore. Many of the international cargo leaving the United States, including new and second hand cars being exported leave the country through Baltimore.Baltimore is the largest city in the American state of Maryland and was founded in the year 1729. The city is located approximately forty miles northeast of the federal capital Washington D.C and the Baltimore metropolitan area has a population of approximately 2.8 million making it one of the largest cities in the United States. Baltimore is located near the Chesapeake bay and is the second largest port in the mid Atlantic region. Many immigrants entered the country through Baltimore port. However at present, the world famous John Hopkins University founded in 1876 and John Hopkins Hospital which opened in 1889 are the major employers in Baltimore.The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the united states and many visiting Baltimore also visit the bay to check out the lighthouse, boats and the USS Constellation. The National Aquarium is one of the major tourist attractions in the city, However most visitors from all over the world flock to Baltimore to the John Hopkins Hospital which is one of the largest and most sophistical medical care facilities in the united states, with a specialized cardiac care, critical care and children’s section funded by donors from all over the world. So many of those visiting for more than a couple of months at at time are transporting their vehicle.Ready to get your vehicle to or form Baltimore quickly and safely? Let us do the heavy lifting. Call 800-284-7177 or use our free car shipping calculator to get a rate instantly.

Baltimore, MD

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