Long Distance Auto Transport


With National Express, our carriers can handle long distance auto transport to everywhere in the U.S. We ship nationwide. We also ship door to door exlusively for your convenience. We have over 18,000 carriers in our network and can handle any long distance move. Find out what it costs right now.

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What is Long Distance Auto Transport?


Long distance auto transport falls within the same scope of auto transport and it is the shipping of a vehicle from one location to another, usually another state. It is done on a car carrier that is loading other cars for a several miles. The vehicles are loaded on a car carrier. A car carrier is usually over 50 feet long and contains two levels of cars. You have most certainly seen these on the road and you are usually coming out of dealerships. This is mostly all we use and what National Express specializes in. All vehicles are off the ground and protected.


Is Long Distance Auto Transport the same as Towing?


If referring to long distance towing, yes it is. It’s considered “long distance” if over 500 miles. It involves your vehicle being placed on an auto carrier


Long Distance Auto Transport – What is the Cost?


We have the most competitive rates in the country and provide top-notch long distance towing services. Our work is backed up by reviews given to us by several customers who have taken the time to give their unsolicited opinion on how we take care of their vehicles. Just check us out on Angies List , Google, Transport Reviews, and many more. Our rates for long distance are the cheapest available and inclusive of all fees. Meaning there aren’t any undisclosed fees or surprises to worry about. We provide you everything in writing. Rest assured your vehicle is safe as you are hiring a reputable company that is licensed, insured, and bonded.


Sample Rates Based on Peak Times of the Year


California to/from Missouri$925
Texas to/from Illinois$550
Maryland to/from Hawaii (East Coast to Hawaii!)$2140
Virginia to/from Colorado$1110
Massachusetts to/from Florida$650
Georgia to/from Virginia$610
Texas to/from New Jersey$800
North Carolina to/from California$825
California to/from Oregon$775
Florida to/from Nevada$1100

* In these examples a standard mid-sized car is used to calculate the rate. Larger or smaller vehicles will impact the price. See how much it costs to ship a car




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